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    Hi. Can anyone help, will 1.3 dizzy cams fit into a 1.4 coil pack engine. Thanks
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    Throttle body help.

    Hi. Is the throttle body on the distributor engine the same has the coil pack engines.
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    K11 head change help .

    Hi. I would like to change a coil pack head for a distributor head. Do I need to change the loom or any other bits or ecu etc. Any help appreciated. Or if you are in herts and can lend a hand appreciated again. Thanks
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    Looking for dog box + janspeed exhaust manifold or similar. K11

    Hi. Looking for dog box, janspeed exhaust manifold , and LSD for a k11. Breaking k11 non facelift + facelift.
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    Breaking a pre facelift and facelift k11...

    All parts available for pre facelift and facelift k11s. Pm for parts and prices. Will post out. Thanks
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    Can anyone help with a dash problem..

    Hi all. Fitted new speedo / revcounter to a standard K11 1.0 dizzy model. Original one had no revcounter change over all OK bridge the wire to get the revcounter working all OK. But the problem I now have is I have lost the high beam and fog light warning bulbs. Check the bulbs all OK. Can you...
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    Dog box

    Hi. Looking for a dog box for a k11 and LSD. WHY. Pm me. Thanks
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    Dog box.

    Hi. Looking for a dog box for a k11 and a lsd. PM me. Thanks
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    Can I put a set of bike carbs on a facelift 2000 Micra........

    Hi all. How easy it to put a set of bike carbs on a facelift 2000 Micra. Any help. Thanks
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    Can you help.......

    Hi. Can someone help with fitting a set of motorbike carbs to a K11 engine I am looking for some advice on what to do. Do I need to do away with the injections i.e do I need to do away with some parts of the ECU or away with it totally do I need a total rewire do I need a bigger fuel pump could...
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    I have a turbo of a 1.0 k11 what should I be asking for it ??

    Hi. I have a turbo set up for a 1.0 k11. Turbo manifold. Turbo. Front pipe. Intercooler. Air pipe. Oil feed. Oil feed sump. And some other bits. Can some one tell me what this is worth. Thanks PS. I NEED A JANSPEED MANIFOLD/EXHAUST OR SIMILAR..,.........,.,,........
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    Wanted janspeed manifold/exhaust or similar k11 WHY.

    Janspeed or similar manifold/exhaust needed. WHY I have some nice 15 alloys for sale + I have a full turbo set up for a 1.0 k11.
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    wanted k11 rally parts

    looking for rally/race parts for a k11. need plastic windows, 13 alloy wheels, comp engine parts, spoiler, l/w flywheel, white line bits. etc. any good bits to bulid a flyer 1.0.
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    wanted k11 rally parts.

    I am looking for K11 rally parts, plastic windows, 13" alloys, comp engine parts, whiteline bits, exhaust + man, etc. and any help to build a flyer 1.0.