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    IAT rsistance reading?

    Hi, My Micra K12 1.4cc 2005-2006 keeps indicating a P0113 fault which appears to be overvoltage from the IAT. I have changed the sensor but still, get the error message. The voltage to the unit is correct at 5v but the resistance reading at an air temperature of 17 degrees C is 0.6 ohms which...
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    MAF Pin numbers.

    Hi, Just a quick question regarding my K12 MAF sensor. I see from the Haynes manual that pin 2 should be at 5v but which is pin 2, please? Can anyone tell me the pin numbers on the MAF connector, please? Also which wires do what? Martin
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    Error Code P0113.

    Hi, Just a quick question about an error code on a Micra K12 2005-2006. I get error code P0113, that shows as a problem with the Air Intake Temperature Sensor. Where do I find that sensor on this vehicle, is it the throttle body as I cannot seem to find any reference to it as a separate unit...
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    Throttle Position Sensor

    Hi, I have a Micra K12 2005-2006, is there a separate throttle position sensor on this model as the manual informs me that it is part of the throttle body yet parts suppliers list it on its own? If it is separate where is it located, please? Thanks, Martin
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    Chinese Throttle Body?

    Hi, Has anyone used the Chinese throttle bodies that are sold on Ebay for a Nissan Micra K12? I'm very dubious about them as they seem far too cheap but that is all I can afford especially as there is no guarantee that that will solve the problem. Thanks, Martin
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    Engine Management Codes Not Recording.

    Hi Folks, I have a 2005-220 Micra K12 1.0lt automatic, fully serviced but will persist in not revving and stalling. The non-revving occurs at all speeds but can be overcome usually by booting it! What is proving most problematic is the management system is not showing any codes at all, no...