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  1. Davey C

    K12 Bumper in black (2005)

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help, I need a front bumper for a 2005 K12 in black. Cash waiting and willing to pick up, can anyone help? Thanks Dave
  2. Davey C

    Nissan Skyline R33 GTR, Shooting Flames (650+hp)

    Here's a quick video as I know there are a lot of GTR fans on here: Make: Nissan Model: Skyline GTR-33 Power: 650+ Torque: 500ftlb Styling: Top Secret Front Bumper Top Secret carbon bonnet Border rear lower splitter Hasami rear carbon blade Garage Defend front slam panel Ganador...
  3. Davey C

    TDi north - Mugenized, chargecooled & turbocharged - Video

    Not micra related in the slightest, infact the only link I can think of is that someone from this site commented on a fb post I made last time I was there. Anyway, this is TDi north's latest creation, the much un-loved FN2! but this one flies! I have a feeling it will have more fans than...
  4. Davey C

    500hp Fast Civic - Video

    Hope you are all well, it's been a long time since I posted on here but I did a video with Kev not so long back so thought'd it would be ok to spam a bit :laugh: Also i'm sure you some of you will find it interesting based on the turbo conversions going onhere nowadays...
  5. Davey C

    K12 Alloys with tyres

    They must be in average or better condition and have a decent set of tyres. Cash waiting
  6. Davey C

    HKS Drag Series - Japshow

    Did anyone else go? I know Sarge went in his turbo k11 Let me know what you think, feedback welcomed Thanks Dave
  7. Davey C

    JetCar 1/4 from Japshow <--- video inside

    I think my ears are still ringing from this thing, the video in no way replicates being there but look at that time, saw a micra turbo there representing too, nice to meet you Sarge some good times you put in (Y) More videos to follow :D
  8. Davey C

    JDM UKDM Hondas - South Mimms - MAY'10 *VIDEO ADDED*

    I know you guys like Micras but I also know a few of you have Honda's or just generally have an interest in JDM cars, so on that basis I thought you might like to see this... South Mimms meet pics...
  9. Davey C

    Well I let Ed loose on my car. And the results are.. (in a video, inside this thread)

    Its been a while and I now have all my new parts fitted, anyway here are the pics and result, oh and the video. As always, comments, youtube "favorite'ing", "subscribing", facebook "adding", Twitter "Following" and and other social media buzzwords welcome Well its a bit of a different...
  10. Davey C

    DC5 performance parts review (Dynodynamics)

    These are the results from the Surrey Rolling road day we went too. 5 x DC5's, a large variety of performance parts, same dyno, same day. And the results: Your thoughts?
  11. Davey C

    Sumopower open day - video + images

    I'm not sure if this was advertised on this forum but sumopower had an open day recently, I'm sure most of you knew about it, Did anyone go along? Well I went along and took the camera with me, firstly, what an AMAZING facility! Really nice bunch of people too and I think they have an...
  12. Davey C

    New Race Series - check it out

    Hi All, The Nippon Challenge is an exciting new race series and it has recently come to a close at Brands Hatch. However, its aimed at guys like you. Lower budget racing on an amateur basis. Who know's if you are good enough you may get a sponsor and be able to do it full time. How cool...
  13. Davey C

    Davey C is back on the block

    Hi, :blues: For the old skool members that might remember me or my car "HELLO" (Y) For the new members that don't have a clue who I am "Hi, how are you all?" :) This is/was my car And this was it's story...
  14. Davey C

    Reelmotion - All Nippon Challenge - Race coverage - Snetterton

    Hi All, Just a quick post to show you these... Part ONE: Part TWO: Part THREE: This is race footage from the "All Nippon Challenge" They...
  15. Davey C

    DC5 Race Car testing - YouTube

    Not sure if you guys are into track days but here is one i filmed last week: Comments welcome, good or bad. All i ask is that they are constructive. Suggestions for futurre videos would be great too. Trying to get james t to let me film an update...
  16. Davey C

    Santa Pod 21/03/09 ***VIDEO***

    Hi all, not sure if you will be interested but here is a video from the run what ya brung day last saturday: They are all Honda's but i will be doing another version with all the best bits in the coming week. All comments welcome (both good...
  17. Davey C

    Integra Type R - video

    Hi, Not sure if you guys would be interested in this but i thought id post it anyway: Thoughts? Dave
  18. Davey C

    K11 wing mirrors (red)

    pics to follow... offers Right here are the pics, they are only from a camera phone and the wing mirrors are dusty but i'll polish them before i send them out. v good quality Small Scratch...
  19. Davey C

    Fuel regulator (Malsappi)

    adjustable fuel regulator pics to follow...offers
  20. Davey C

    HAWK engine management

    this was fitted previously to a Turbo K11 out in Oz. All disks and harnesses included... offers... pics to follow (when the msc stops timing out)