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    This unfortunately is a quick Note to say bye... I want to thank you all... Richie, Fraz, Neil, Titch, James, Rich, Steve (Simon), Paul, Gaz, Awesome, Paddy, Alan, Em’s, Andy, Ant, Jason, Nex, Lee, Craig, Kristian, Dan, Glenn, Gary, The G Man, Kev, Amanda, Abdul, Mike, Ollie, Paddy, Chris...
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    Last Micra Clearout... Everything MUST go.

    Offers, Must Go. 4 Wheels, Normal steels with new tyres, 3 weeks before adding alloys... Pre-Facelift Grill in AJ4 (Red) from 97 'S' Pre-Facelift Front Bumper AJ4 (Red) from 97 'S' Haynes Manual for Nissan Micra K11, Used once for wiring guide, In PERFECT condisition Im based in...
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    Top Gear Discussion Thread - 04/03/07

    Yup, Last in the series :( If anyone forgot or was not aware their building stretch Limo's out of ordinary cars tonight, sounds like a laugh. Guest Star is Billie Piper... Why?... "Because she wants to!!" 2 Hours Fans :) Darren.
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    Funny Game Review!

    My Mate sent me this link, Possibly the worst game ever made? Lol, some pretty funny clips... Darren.
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    Took Some Photo's of the Beast Earlier...

    Took some Photo's with my new camera, thought i'd go some shots in front of a metal building, always feel they are the best... So... Cheers, Darren.
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    Top Gear Discussion Thread - 25/02/07

    Rumor has it a Train crash will be shown... showing dangers at a railroad crossing, despite the Cumbrian crash. "We are going ahead as planned with tonight's programme which includes an item on the dangers at level crossings" Apparently an 170-tonne locomotive hitting a people carrier at 70mph...
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    Need a Slogan guys/gals :D

    Hey, Im after a Slogan for a site im working on its It's going to be web design, 3d design and photograthy site. Please can we have idea's for slogans, cheers! Darren.
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    Well Awaited Pictures of The Punto!

    Sorry I took so long, I'm a busy man :D
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    **** Please Please Help Us. :D

    Hi, Me any two friends are starting up a local cruise forum, we really want this to take off, sadly my old site was destoyed by the host. SO Even If your not from the South West, If you could please sign up and give us a little introduction and help us to get going! Thanks...
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    Tonights Top Gear!

    LMAO at The Stig's American cousin!! lol, made me laugh, great episode so far! I wonder what everyones lol at, Hammonds car, what a class episode this is!
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    Poor Dog!

    I seen this clip on 'You've been framed', and had to show you. I found it on YouTube. Made me laugh so much!
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    Amazing Chalk Street Drawings!

    This is just amazing!
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    Why do people think its cool to...

    Break expencive things on YouTube...WHY??!! I dont understand, my mate sent me this video (Attached a link below), Its a guy who thinks its funny to buy a copy of Vista and destroy it in a shredder, and stomps the case... Ok, so clearly he has no friends and live miles away from another...
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    Drove Home In This...

    And I hated every second, basicly my cars getting the gear stick cable made tighter, as its just had a new one, but they let ne have this for the day. Fair play its very nice of them but, well, ITS CRAP! its so slow and just generaly crap, the interior is shabby and...YOU know my
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    To Vista, OR Not to Vista?

    Should I upgrade to Vista, it does look really clean and fun to use, but will it... Run 3DS Max 8, Abobe Photoshop 9 and Dreamweaver 8 and Flash 8 etc? Thanks for any help! Darren.
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    Micra Clear-out...

    Stuff for sale, Open to Offers... 1. Peco Exhaust Backbox (2.5 inch) (Direct Fit) 2. Stainless Steel De-Cat (Direct Fit) 3. Front Bumper in AJ4 Red - Standard 4. Grill in AJ4 Red - Standard Pictures Attached... Thanks For Looking.
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    My New Car! - D4R73N

    Well here she is... my baby... and boy am I happy :D I first saw the car driving on the way to my Uni, whilest taking a de-tour, the instant i saw it it shood out. I've never had a thing for Punto's but this one is just different, obviusly being Bright Yellow and also Abarth Modified. The car...
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    ITs Your Vote...

    I've seen a few Saxo VTR's lately, im never a fan or Citroen, and Not a fan of Saxo's, but the VRT to me is somthing else!! Its such a nice looking car, and you can leave it standard and be happy with it... Whats why I want honest votes... A Civic (Nothing like Sport or VTI etc) A Saxo VTR...
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    Moving up in choice... (Civic)

    As many of you know I was planning on getting a Civic EG... well now i'm aiming higher... A Civic EK... this is the newer model, i've atached a file for those of you that are not sure, starting looking in May, if anyone is not aware the car will be for sale then. (If Richie aint bought it) lol.
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    *** Up and Running ***

    *** SouthWest Car Club Up and Running *** South West Car Club My Host Screwed up my entire site and rewarded me a years free hosting so... Myself and a couple friends have decided to try something close to home. South West Car Club is up and running, If you'd be so kind to help me out...