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  1. j.a.kelly


    Hi there, looking for a SuperS - red or black ideally PM or reply with details if you have something please Thanks JK
  2. j.a.kelly

    non-micra: SEAT Ibiza TDi

    late 2003 '53 Ibiza TDi Sport 130 Eclipse Blue (metallic - best mk4 colour!) 80k but Full Service History (& just serviced) Just MOT'd CustomCode stage 2 - should be 190bhp ish or more Forge FMIC Miltek stainless exhaust (turbo back - decat) PD160 intake & green filter Sachs clutch...
  3. j.a.kelly

    1996 1.0 Micra Vibe

    Hey peeps, I have for sale my sisters P reg 1.0 Micra Vibe in goldy yellow Really well looked after, has been in my family for a good few years now, was originally owned by an old lady, then my mum, then my sister. I can honestly say it still drives like new (& Iv driven a fair few...
  4. j.a.kelly

    Offers or the tip??!!

    Two front Super S seats, from k11. need them gone before the end of the week, so best offer wins. MUST collect ASAP. They going in the tip on Friday... they could be useful for just the frames, but these seats are immaculate start ur offers NOW!! JK
  5. j.a.kelly

    EXPIRED membership

    Despite me paying £20 on the 2nd Novemeber, you have now classed my membership as expired. I think that maybe this needs to be looked into, people making automatic renewals have done so to make it less hassle, not to have paid money out for no reason. I had a similar problem last year...
  6. j.a.kelly

    Fancy a change? 2.0 GTi

    Hey guys, I'm selling one of my cars, its a 1999 SEAT Ibiza GTi Cupra Sport. I was going to use it for track stuff, but iv not got the heart to strip it and kill it, coz its too good for that!! Some of you will know that the engine is a VW one, its a 2.0 16v that puts out 150bhp. Some more...
  7. j.a.kelly

    j.a.kelly n Goldstar0011

    Jus some pics from a recent photoshoot of my n Goldstar0011...sorry they not micra...or even jap :p there we go...comments welcome :) JK
  8. j.a.kelly

    K11 Super S front seats

    FOR SALE edit : AGAIN MUST GO SOON!! 2 excellent condition k11 Super S front seats, no burns tears or rips No seatbelt holders, but the ones from the seats you wont need will fit no problems. Sorry I will not post, collection only from M24 5TS or arrange part way if ya lucky - but not @...
  9. j.a.kelly

    Tent for Sale

    Hey guys, selling a tent - perfect for those road trips, and car shows!! The tent is a Wynnster Eagle 4. It is not a small tent, but its not stupidly sized either. It has bedrooms at either end (sleep 2 each) with a sitting area in the middle. Dont have to put both sleeping areas up...
  10. j.a.kelly

    Research - 21's and over

    Hey guys. Some car-related research :) If you guys were to HIRE/RENT a car for a period of time, whether it be for leisure or to replace your car whilst it was in for work, would you (a) prefer to pay a budget price and get a budget motor (ie. Hyundai Getz) (b) pay a lower price than...
  11. j.a.kelly

    1600 gone :-(

    well...yesterday was the day... A mini-meet @ goldstars, consisting of 2 micras a corsa and a Yari Tsport, so not really much of a micra show...but nether the less Goldstar, Paddy, NeX and my missus stood tearfully as the deal was done (NeX had tears of joy tho) Im sure he must have flown...
  12. j.a.kelly

    New motor...

    Hey guys, well thought id put pics up of my new car for those interested, I sold my Veedub Bora and bought a sportier VAG group hatch... an Ibiza. I thought my Bora TDi was a pretty quick car, but this (130TDi) is quicker than my Bora was!! Was supposed to be off for a remap this...
  13. j.a.kelly

    FS: Silver dash bit

    Plastic centre bit of dash which surrounds the switches, radio, heater etc. painted in Silver...looking for £20 +p&p (or collection) brightens up the interior a little will get pic asap thanks for looking JK
  14. j.a.kelly

    Best car on Ebay hope my bid wins!! JK
  15. j.a.kelly

    WANTED: k11 super s seat

    Hey guy and gals. Im after either 1 or 2 front k11 Super S seats. if its just one doesnt matter which side. frames not needed if not got them cheers JK
  16. j.a.kelly

    1600 Micra £1000

    1600cc Micra ***NOW £1000!!!*** Most of you guys know the score. It was one of the first to be done, and I think it’s the only one in the club at the mo?! K11 Micra with Primera 1600cc engine. Don’t want to sell it as its such a laugh, gives me the giggles everytime, but needs to go :-(...
  17. j.a.kelly

    160SR or Colt CZT??

    Some of u know im sellin my Bora TDi. I was gonna get a Celica190 but they aint very practical really, and i seriously fear its gonna burn a large hole in my pocket in fuel bills coz all the power is at and above 6000rpm...when the lift kicks in... so im lookin at two hatchbacks... not very...
  18. j.a.kelly

    £40 E-reg Micra k10

    Micra K10 E reg MOT & TAX till jan06 (not likely to fail on much if anything) runs fine, sittin on k11 steelies, fink its under 50k mileage missus bought new car, has been sat on drive for months, needs to go before this weekend. buyer collect, Rochdale,Manchester area. top car sad to...
  19. j.a.kelly

    Bora TDi

    I may be selling this in the new year... Bora TDi Sport 115bhp (chipped to 145bhp) Feb 2001 'X' offers around £6200 huge list of extras...will post up if anyone interested... JK
  20. j.a.kelly

    K10 - full car

    Since GF has got a Yari Tsport now, its cluttering up her driveway.. E-reg Micra k10 Blue MOT Jan 06 - cant see any major stuff it would fail on Tax til Jan done c.50k miles i think seem to remember Sitting on k11 steelies (13s) Bodywork not mint, ideal project for some1 make an...