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  1. Shamalam

    Shamalam's Magic finds!

    Anyone after any parts? :D Went on a hunt yesterday and found some goodies!! FOR SALE WE HAVE: SR clocks £35 Prefaceblack rev (super s) clocks £25 Facelift Rev counter clocks £25 SR Front bumper (pre sold) £35 SR rear bumper £35 SR interior(door cards, electric windows seats etc) £50 SR alloys...
  2. Shamalam

    K11 Alloy wheel nuts newcastle

    Hey guys, anyone got some alloy wheel nuts that up for selling? Trying to buy wheels from jonnycGT tomorrow but i need some nuts... not the wrinkly kind, not the Brazilian kind but the alloy wheel kind. If anyone in the Newcastle area has some spare I happily buy them. Save me having to...
  3. Shamalam


    Hey guys, me again... Had my 421 decat to sportex on for a few days now but it's deafeningly loud. Loving the BHP increase, sounds amazing when it hits the right air/fuel/power band too. It has an amazing rasp to it and overall it sounds great. The problem is its too loud at motorway speeds and...
  4. Shamalam

    Corsa parts

    Cheap coilovers and some dampers wanted for corsa b setup.
  5. Shamalam

    Horkan's Shamalam

    Hey guys, been meaning to do this for a while now, finally got some time to do it. Anyway, as some of you may know i have a 2002 Micra 1L Tempest in a delectable silver. I'll apologize now for any grammatical errors, i'm on my mother's craptop. (TLDR the lower bit if you fancy) So the story...
  6. Shamalam

    Shamalam's scrap heap challenge!

    Hey guys and gals, i regularly frequent my local scrap yards and because of that I've got a idea of what parts I can get for people. My local has 3 k11c's, 1 k10 1.3lx(auto) and a couple k11a's. Other scrappy has k11c Se green(not sure of CC sorry) looks fully spec'd. 5 door k11B(I think)...
  7. Shamalam

    Almera airbox modifications.

    Hey guys, I got an airbox from the scrapyard the other day for a fiver. Tried to place it over my TB to see if it would fit alright and it did. Kinda. However the reservoir on the right(not sure what it is) is getting in the way of it being snug and flat. What sort of mod would I need to do to...
  8. Shamalam

    Upgrade questions

    Sorry if these are already stated elsewhere, tried looking but to no avail. Few questions about gains first. I'm thinking of getting a backbox first before getting a full system, going to get a mani and full setup when I can afford one. Will I see any gains with a humpries induction and a...