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  1. MicraItaly

    How to... replicate a twincharger system on a k11.

    Using a supercharger from a mini r53 and a T25 from a 200sx, is it possible to replicate the SuperTurbo charging on a CG10/13? there is something similar to an electromagnetic pulley to switch on/off the supercharger? someone has the charging scheme from a k10ST?
  2. MicraItaly

    Stiffer engine mounts, how to do?

    Hi guys, I have a problem with standard engine mounts, they are very weak, how I can solve this problem? Nismo ones are really stiffer? Any DIY tip to makes them stronger:D ?
  3. MicraItaly

    -50m or -60mm springs

    I'm looking for -50 or -60 mm springs for my K11
  4. MicraItaly

    OEM swaybar diameter

    anyone knows the oem swaybars' diameter of a 1999 k11?
  5. MicraItaly

    Help me! need advices about brakes and wiring diagrams.

    Hi micrafans, I need to find wiring diagrams of Almera GTI pre-facelift and wiring diagrams of 1999 Micra K11 1,0 16v (swap :D ) also, somebody can tell me about new front discs (drilled or grooved, I have Gti-R front brakes)? Black Diamond rotors are good?
  6. MicraItaly

    help me, need pics of micra on very wide wheels

    I'm going to buy a set o XXR wheels 15"x8 ET0, anyone has pics of micra on wheels with this specs?:blush:
  7. MicraItaly

    wiring horn button on k11 with airbag

    I have a sabelt steering wheel on OMP hub boss kit, how can i wire the horn button? one little cable is from the HUB, and it's connected to the current sparco horn button. to make it work, i must take the other cable from the yellow loom that was connected to the original nissan HUB boss...
  8. MicraItaly

    My little 1,0 16v facelift from Italy

    this is my little 1999 micra k11 1.0 16v. Mods done: Sparco -30mm springs Adjustable Koni Yellow Suspension Sparco Upper Strut Brace Whiteline Lower Arm Bar and Camber Kit Pulsar GTI-R Front Brake System (with EBC green pads) And 14" Pulsar Rims Mods to do: Nismo rear spoiler and a sabelt...
  9. MicraItaly

    gr.A engine - kit car engine

    somebody knows the differences between a 1,3 Gr. A and the 160bhp Kit car engine? :laugh: