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    1.3Si refusing to fire

    Evening all thanks in advance for help .... Ok car been faultless for years no starting issues what so ever ... Been stood for a while 4 months since sorn and started on drive and around 4weeks ago cranks but wont catch ... Battery was dead flat or loosing power so was cranking of jump leads...
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    5.5hrs and achieved nothing P/S belt removal

    Kid you not i planned today like clock work MOT in 3 weeks wife out with kids all day planned to remove old back box and replace started angle grinding and drilling out useless bolts (from rear silencer) then stared from cat back then gave up as drill pieces no good so feared having no car for...
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    best way to shift burred back box nuts !!!

    Typical only 2 nuts and they are burred to the point of getting no purchase socket spanner and ring spanner no good what to ever :( was thinking for ease hoping to remove system from cat back and hack saw the blitters off as i cant get decent access or leverage with axle stands ( thats if the...
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    Chirping now costant squeaking ( p s belt ? )

    Evening gang recon im right but need a second opinion a chirping/squeal started aroud 6 months ago when parking up car ie turning wheel (only) got worse and longer before stopping but now its all the time none stop through entire commute , driving me nuts and the wife wont use the car !!! Recon...
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    1.3 vs 1.4 is it noticeable ?????

    Ok simply is the 100cc a noticeable difference , Like the idea of a Sport+ simply as a few long trips take place on a regular basis and the extra cc may make it easier , but simply side by side would the 1.4 walk all over and would my mods ie frank manifold , janspeed decat and Blitz rear box be...
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    1996 super s vs 1999 si

    Ok guys did a 500 mile round trip to collect a new k11 a 1999 si 107k and drove back faultlessly , however i was disapointed with its spec , well though it would match the Super S . Ie my super s has fuel and boot release Si only fuel my super s has power windows and auto lock window botton...
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    Lamba Sensor and Manifold Removal

    Week off work so need to sort out and fit a few bits , Manifold swap for one on Franks and at the same time replace the lamba sensor to try and eradicate the hesitation and holding back on full chat , Can i do this in situe or have to remove the rad for access is the lamba a case of a ring...
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    Fitting a FRANK manifold

    Sounds silly but is there anything to look out for i have a Frank Manifold Janspeed De cat and a sports back box hoping to get on the car this weekend !! Other that replacing gaskets as standard course am i able to access the manifold in situe or need to remove rad , bumper etc !!! Dont want to...
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    Loss of power , not smooth etc etc NOT TB though !!

    Evening the on going SAGA !! finally replaced the throttle body with a spot on one ie off my wifes 98 1.0L which revs like a trooper nice and smooth no hestitation etc etc !!! It has made a slight difference but its still far from perfect !!! Getting ticked off now fitted induction kit correctly...
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    Throttle Body for Super S

    Evening , Finally got round to fitting a Tb i bought off the forum 5 weeks ago one that was meant to be A1 no issues at all having been overhauled etc and its U S , worse than my existing one is juddering hesitant and idiling at 1400rpm :doh: So anyone got a decent one that is genually A1 be...
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    throttle body gasket ??

    Evening all !Going to next week replace the throttle body for a overhauled one so no more holding back through the revs :doh: simply is there a gasket id imagine there is that needs do be replaced to sit under the TB ?? Also fitting a flowed manifold at same time so is there a one stop shop on...
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    Juddery through out revs whether flat out or commuting !!!

    Ok the old girl when i bought her 4 months ago hadnt had a service in 24months ( only covered 4k though) !!! Put the juddery nature down to air filter and spark plugs . Did a service on the weekend Oil , Filter , Airfilter , Plugs , Antifreeze replacement . No difference at all , The car in...
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    primera almera wheels fit a K11 ??

    Need two new tyres at some point before the Mot ive got nissan 5 spoke alloys at the moment, the two fronts need refurb plus the tyres all add up so was thinking of going a a 4 wheel change route . there are a number of 14inch almera sx and primera gx wheels about for around a £100 , im a right...
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    Beefier Back Box or System ??

    Evening Gang pritty much as the title says im looking to give the Super S a better exhaust note , far too quiet for me :laugh: anyone got a back box or maybe system if the price is right then let me know , Ps no blown back boxes for that louder note im after :laugh: cheers SEFIK (Y)
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    Afternoon Newbee Super S owner

    Hello , bought a White 74k 2 owner Super S just before Xmas as a daily commute , had a long affair with all things Rover but fancied a econmomical change !! Searched long and hard and payed top money £900 for my car yrs T and T though (Y) Bit of rust on one arch but rest is straight and clean...