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    DIG-S Battery replacment (EFB)

    The battery in my 2012 DIG-S Micra is starting to give up. Lasted a while and been showing signs for a while (throwing error codes if the battery is a little low on engine crank). I have just about got over the cost of the battery, however I am reading that some cars need replacment batteries...
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    Wing mirror cover

    Some nice person has wiped out the drivers side door mirror on our K13. Got the replacment but I need to swap around the coloured covers. After about 30 minutes, I gave up! Anybody any ideas?
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    Suspension rattle / 2012 DIG-S

    So, here we go again, another Micra, another suspension problem/annoyance. My wife's DIG-S 2012 Micra now has a, what I can only describe as a rattle rather than a clunk when she loads both sides of the suspension at the same time. I took it for a quick blast this evening and tested it. On a...
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    Recall: ECM software

    Anybody else receive a letter recalling their Micra due to a software fault? Mine is a DIG-S (2012), and its reported in the letter that a problem has been detected, under certain start conditions and driving over 3600rpm, incorrect adjustment of the throttle by the ECM results in unexpected...
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    N16 / K12 / P12 standard front speakers wanted

    My N16 Almera has suffered front speaker failure due to water ingress rusting the coil solid! I am not after upgrading really so standard replacements would be perfect! Anybody have any lying around after an upgrade that they want rid of? Model: 28156-av700 / 40w 4ohm These can be found...
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    Front passenger seat belt....

    Seems as though Nissan decided to really scrimp in some of its K13's! Its the first car in a LONG time we have owned not to have height adjustment on the seatbelt, so I thought maybe the seat itself was height adjusted. Drivers side is, but passenger side is fixed height. This is causing a...
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    DIG-S 1.2 Air box removal (to change air filter/access coil packs and spark plugs/oil filler cap)

    Today I explored the Micra's HR12DDR engine a bit more. My aim was to see how I could access: 1. Air filter 2. Coil packs/spark plugs As the engine bay is compact it’s a bit fiddly and Nissan seem to have gone with a odd design compared to in the past which made it a bit quirky when putting it...
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    SplanK's 2012 DIG-S Acenta

    Well what can I say - I love this little car - there are a few little things here and there that I think "why did Nissan do it like this" but overall, I am quite impressed! Myself and my wife are expecting our first child in June, and our existing K11 was showing signs of getting on a bit...
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    Looking at upgrading the K11....

    Hi all, I am looking at replacing our K11 with a K13. K11 although has been a good work horse, I dont think has much left in it before it starts to cost us a small fortune, and with the wife being preggers! Anyway - we have been looking at the DIG-S, fits my requirment for something pokey and...
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    Rattle/medium pitch clonk over bumps/pot holes - 2003 K11

    Hi all, Wondering if anybody can point me in the direction of a suspected suspension/steering issue that I have so far been unsucsessful in tracking down. My Micra (K11/2003/1.0) makes a "medium pitch" clonk noise when going over bumps on either side. It seems to do it more on cornering...
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    late K11 starter motor - how to remove

    It seems as though on the late K11 micras (the ones with individual coil packs) the starter motor is at the back of the engine rather than the front, and directly under the inlet manifold. Confirmed with a quick eyeball view from the top (not that easy to see!) and search on here... How easy...
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    Quick answer needed... Micra K11 wheels on N15 Almera

    Brother has a flat but no spare Will a K11 wheel fit the hub on a N15 Almera ??
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    K11 pollon filter... some non-air cons have them!

    Replaced the heater speed card on my late K11 today (03 plate) and I noticed there was still poor air flow at top speed. The pollon filter was completly blocked (Well, it would after 8 years of use!). Removed it and hey presto full air flow restored. Just need to get a replacment now...
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    K11 1.0 with coil packs.... idle screw?!

    I need to raise the idle a touch on my 03 Micra.... I have looked and looked but cant seem to see an idle screw anywhere! Is there one or is it done automaticly?
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    Wanted: K11 aerial base...

    Got the car today and noticed that the aerial base appears to be damaged - does not look like a normal aerial base either with a screw in antenna! So I need a replacment. The one on ours is on the front in the middle Ta
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    Wanted: K11 blower resister heater card

    I need a blower resister card as the K11 I have just bought only works on high speed. Mine is the face lift model if that makes any difference
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    Long time no speak!

    Hello guys! Long time no speak! Some of the oldies may remember from many moons ago when I used to drive my mums Micra (well, 2 of them as I crashed the first when some t**t in a taxi jumped a red light!). However, after owning several other nissans (2x P11 Primeras (one been a red BTCC...
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    GReddy Emanage Ultimate mapping

    Hiya, Hopfully early next year i will be able to afford my GTiR engine and get it fitted into my primera. Before that, I shal be getting and installing a Greddy Emanage Ultimate unit and ensure that I get that up and running and can control my engine.... but i will not be tunning it with my...
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    Face Lift K11 1.0 idle control speed effort thingy...

    hiya, Just wondering if anybody could tell me where the idle control screw is on the 1.0 K11 face lift and if there was any procedure to adjusting it (IE on my primera i have to put the ECU into a certain mode to adjust things such as idle control, ignition timing...) Ta
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    Rather loud audio for sale!!!

    Im looking for £600ono for this system. Remember, this sysytem was worth well over £1000 when it was new, and this kit is still like new. Anybody who has heard it can vouch that its an AWSOM system and shakes the car like mad :D It would be COLLECTION ONLY - or part way delivery (up to...