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    Installing universal cruise control

    Hy guys. Need some help with a lite on universal cruise control. I have one and i want to install it on my 2005 micra. The problem is that i am not able to calibrate and probably connect the wires correctly. Anyone with some "wiring" experience? I managed somehow to connect the central unit...
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    Some donations

    Due to an upgrade on my car i have some parts which i really don t need and i will donate them happilly One ramp and injectors 1.2 CR12 from 2010 1 fuse box from engine compartiment same year 1 ipod dock same year I live in France by the way. Sent from my W_C800 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Conformity certificate

    Hy guys, Can anyone help me with a COC ( conformity certificate) for à 2005 Nissan Micra 1.2 65 hp gasoline? I want to register my Nissan in France and they ask for this doc. Thanks in advance Sent from my Lenovo A6020a40 using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Timing chain and related problemd

    hey guys i just changed the timing chain on my Micra 1.2 65 hp( very interesting operation) in the parking in front of my building and everything is fine but I have some issues and I dont know if they have anything in common with timing chain. i dont have 900 rpm on neutral like before i have...