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  1. Daheem24

    K12 Sport Parts - Café Latte - C30

    Hi, Struggling to find these anywhere, to be honest, so any help is appreciated. Sport front bumper (colour: Café Latte/C30) - fog lights are a bonus Sport rear bumper (colour: Café Latte/C30) Sport side skirts - 3 door (colour: Café Latte/C30) Cheers
  2. Daheem24

    Help! 1.5dCi Fuel Filter Removal

    So I've been following Guy's steps on how to change the diesel fuel filter on a K12 ( I've got to this stage: But I just couldn't actually get the filter off; I didn't have an extension bar long enough to prise up from the right side...but it just seems impossible...
  3. Daheem24

    Potential to upload videos from Google Photos?

    So this is mainly aimed at the people running this site... I'd like to upload videos on threads on this site, but all the options are pretty long winded and awkward. In this age of Android and Apple, is there no way to uploaded video media directly from Google Photos? Flickr has a limit of...
  4. Daheem24

    "Café Latte" K12

    Hi all. Thought I'd give this blogging a go; I've been lurking on these forums for years following other people's builds, so why not try my own. It's going to be a bit slow to be honest, but let's see. So I'm Daheem, I'm a 23 year old MES Engineer, I'm from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, but now...
  5. Daheem24

    BC Racing Coilovers Help (VA V1 Series)

    Hi all, So I picked up a set of the BC racing coilovers in new condition off eBay a while ago, for a very good price (I think I paid £250). The seller told me it was just missing the manual and coilover wrench which I thought was fair enough, and not an issue. I've got adjustable drop links...
  6. Daheem24


    Hello all, So I've had that common issue with the wipers and have replaced the wiper linkages using a replacement set off eBay...should've done the trick, but I've noticed there's still some extra movement from the wipers and they catch the edge of the windscreen when v wet and in windy...
  7. Daheem24

    dCi Workshop Manual?

    Hi all, Title says it really. I'm looking for a workshop manual (or something of the sort) for my dCi K12. It looks like Haynes only do one for the petrol models. I want to just do stuff like servicing, brakes and suspension. I remember there was this website like with little tips...
  8. Daheem24

    Leaky Sunroof

    So I've got the '99 facelift model and the sunroof leaks water around the front - I've poured water down the drain holes at either side and it seemed to go through fine...any other suggestions of what the issue might be?
  9. Daheem24

    Which springs go where?

    Might be a stupid question, but I want to fit my lowering springs but don't know which springs go on the front and which go on the back. Anyone help? Also I've got spring clamps and it looks simple enough, but any advice when fitting? Thanks
  10. Daheem24

    How to remove Fiesta Mk6 prefacelift mirror glass?

    Hi guys, Sorry this isn't about Micras, but I know this community is so much more helpful than the Fiesta owners club. Anyway, can anyone tell me how to remove the Ford Fiesta Mk6 prefacelift mirror glass? Are there clips, do I pull it out with my hand, do I use a screw driver? Any...
  11. Daheem24

    Who was/is selling this...?

    Does anybody know the person who was selling this, and whether it's still for sale. I remember seeing it on Ebay, and I think they're a member here, so does anyone know their username? fwn...
  12. Daheem24

    Fox Evo 3 Alloy Wheels - Will they fit?

    Hi guys, I've recently bought a set of 15" Fox Evo 3s and I'm not sure if they will fit (haven't got them yet). The tyre size is 195/45/15 and the stud diameter is '108'. Here's the link -...