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    Lost Radio code
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    Foggy Headlamp covers

    For stuff that you pretty much already had lying around the house you won't get much better. Looks good.(y)
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    Foggy Headlamp covers

    For really crappy headlights wash them (rubbing alcohol works good) then use 400>600>1200>2000>2500 (all wet and alternating sanding direction with each grit) then use a cutting compound and finish with a uv protector so they don't go yellow again within a few months.
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    Gear neutral return spring

    That doesn't sound right. Go back and complain :ROFLMAO: (unless theres something wrong with the car)
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    The Micra of questionable choices

    So all the brake pipes and flexi are finally in with thread sealer and I'm hoping the MOT guy doesn't mind that everythings just zip tied as I had no more clips... Ran out of long pipe too so theres two unions, touch wood they don't complain about those either.
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    You: I think I'm going to slow down with the micras Also you: I just bought another micra :ROFLMAO:
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    Suspension arm ball joint

    Advice? Return them and get the correct part...
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    K11 performance part suppliers

    This post hasn't seen a real update in 15 years and OP was last seen 9 years ago...
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    The Micra of questionable choices

    Note to self: "measure twice, cut once" is a rule for a reason.
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    Is a 17yr old K11 still worth it in 2019?

    hammeriting - Unless you're willing to not touch it for the full cure time, modern hammerite is best avoided for this type of thing.
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    Induction kit K11 2002 Micra.

    You mean the £100+ kits that consist of a few zip ties, a filter and a bent pipe...? :p Do you mean getting the ecu tuned?
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    Induction kit K11 2002 Micra.

    You mean like the DIY kits? You're basically just replacing the box with a pipe. On these cars the benefit is pretty much just a sound change, I doubt you'd see a noticeable difference even with a shielded high flow intake.
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    Is a 17yr old K11 still worth it in 2019?

    If the boots been totally gone for quite a while the joint is probably shot and a new boot would just hide that.
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    Is a 17yr old K11 still worth it in 2019?

    Depends what you want it for. If its pretty rust free and doesn't look like its been patched up then they do make the perfect run around. Suspension wise I'd say 80k + 17 years old will probably need replacing within the next 18 months or so. Mine only has half that mileage but will need done in...
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    The Micra of questionable choices

    Messy but rust treated and painted, will do for now. 2 brake pipes down, 3 to do tomorrow. Then I just need to find somewhere that sells pipe clips as they all cracked on removal.
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    SuperS Forged Turbo Build

    Dude you should do Youtube videos on this stuff!
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    Removing Interior Trim

    Should be the same as any other car. If there aren't any screws on the sides then it'll pop off using trim removers.
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    Slight oil lick

    Cross threaded sump plug or knackered washer and or Incorrectly fitted filter.
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    Foggy Headlamp covers

    Does wax seal work long term? The whole reason they go foggy is that the UV protection has worn out, don't you need to replace it with something UV resistant?
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    Rear Bearing & hub removal

    Hub puller if you can't remove it by hand.