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  1. Woody

    1400 Rally car build

    Morning all. I have recently decided to build a rally car and with previous experience in the k11 platform I started looking around for a 1.4. Saw one for sale in Manchester traveled up and the deal was done. I got it home and was the proud owner of a 1348 with 101000 miles. Let the fun begin...
  2. Woody

    Lumpy Idle

    Okay so I'v had my micra for a few years now but it is only a competition car so it sees very little mileage usually at high rpm. I had an overheating problem so tried a few thermostat and eventually had to get the head skimmed, very lightly. After it came back from having this done it never...
  3. Woody

    Event: All previous events in the micra

    Just a quick review of all the events iv ever done and a link to the results file so you can all see how far behind i am :p Autotest.......TSCC-......
  4. Woody

    Rear seat belts for sale

    have a set of rear belts out of a 2002 1.4 facelift micra...anybody intrested im in northren ireland.
  5. Woody


    Anybody using camber bolts... Do they help? would it be any good for autotesting and rallying or track only?
  6. Woody

    Question: Rally mirrors?

    Does anybody know where to get ahold of the narrow rally mirrors?? or any other light parts much appreciated
  7. Woody

    Rally/Autotest Car

    Emm... Hi... First of all, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Paul but you can call me woody. I'm 15 and a student, this is my 4th car and my longest project. First car i had was a Seat Ibiza and then a Peugeot 106 before getting a 1 litre micra a couple of years ago for christmas. All of them...