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  1. stuartwood89

    K11 Rear Seat Angle

    Strange request but bear with me. I'm in the process of designing a speaker enclosure for the K11, and I want it right up against the back seat. Does anyone happen to know the angle of the back seat in relation to the boot floor, or is able to go out with a protractor and measure it (I don't...
  2. stuartwood89

    Front Disc Thickness

    Hi guys, Does anyone know what thickness a front brake disc is expected for a K11 facelift ('99 T reg)? I need to replace mine and was looking at vented discs, but there seems to be some confusion over the thickness the caliper can take. Some motor factors are saying 7mm, some 12mm and others...
  3. stuartwood89

    K11 Naming Convention?

    Having spent a lot of time on the Facebook group recently, I've noticed there's a lot of confusion over the various models within the K11 range, especially for new owners. I've heard people talk about 'facelifts', but are actually referring to the pre-facelift with the slightly different grille...
  4. stuartwood89

    Coolant temperature display readout.

    Hi all, has anyone successfully hooked up a temperature display fed from the built in coolant temp sensor? Just thinking it would be a cool mod as the dial can be a bit vague and I wanted to use the same display to toggle between exterior and interior cabin temperatures too. If the temp...
  5. stuartwood89

    Almera Alloys

    I need to replace my front two tyres, and figured I may as well look into getting some slightly wider rims. Looking for a set of these wheels. I believe they're 6J or wider? Ideally as cheap as possible, with legal rubber is preferable, shipped to Gloucester. If nothing shows up then I'll...
  6. stuartwood89

    'Classic' Nissan badges

    Hi guys, probably seems a bit of a strange one to ask. I'm looking for one of those text only Nissan badges, like they used to put on the old cars before they went with the emblem. I can't even seem to find a decent picture, but hopefully you'll know what I mean. Can anyone point me in the...
  7. stuartwood89

    The most efficient way to drive a K11?

    Hi guys, I've seen a few threads on fuel economy, and a lot of advice given is to check the car mechanically (full service, O2 sensor etc). The other point is the way the car is driven. Obviously ragging the car at 7,000RPM isn't good for economy or the engine, but is running at the engine...
  8. stuartwood89

    35/40mm Rear Lowering Springs

    Just the rears only. The ones I have were cut (not by me) so were more like -60mm. Anyone got anything?
  9. stuartwood89

    So Today I Lowered my Car...

    ...But it hasn't gone exactly to plan. I bought some 35mm lowering springs for the front some time ago (thanks @Magpie42), and some rear 35mm springs for the back some time later from somewhere else. The front springs went on perfectly, were captive and modestly lowered the car nicely. So no...
  10. stuartwood89

    4 x 13" steels with legal tyres.

    Hi guys, Got a set of stock K11 steelies with legal tyres for sale. 13" steel wheels. 4x100 stud pattern Standard width (5J I think) Selling due to upgrading to alloys. The steels themselves will need painting probably. Perfect for anyone looking to get some banded. Collection from...
  11. stuartwood89

    K11 Mudguards

    Hi guys, does anyone know if there were any differences in the mudguards from the pre-facelift, first facelift and second facelift? Thinking of getting a set but wanted to make sure I get the right ones. I'd have thought the shape was the same, but not 100%. Any help appreciated!
  12. stuartwood89

    Panhard Rod Bushes

    I'm looking for some new bushes for my adjustable panhard rod. The polymer ones I have are missing the steel inserts so they're pretty much useless. If anyone has any going cheap (poly or rubber), I'll be happy to take them for a reasonable price. If it matters, they need to fit a Nodspeed...
  13. stuartwood89

    Rear Cluster Gasket

    Hi guys. Anyone know what that icky black stuff that seals the tail clusters is? I need to reapply mine after swapping the lights over. I was also thinking of using some thick neoprene or something similar to make a removable gasket. Anyone done this before?
  14. stuartwood89

    Who Plays Minecraft?

    Anyone? I've been an avid player since 2011 and have run a few servers. If anyone has any cool builds, post them here.
  15. stuartwood89

    Tail Light Wiring

    Hi guys, would anyone be able to tell what gauge/type wire I would need for wiring up some tail lights? I'm installing some March clusters and I want to extend a wire for the reverse light over so they both light up. I also want to wire up an auxiliary fog lamp. Any help greatly appreciated!
  16. stuartwood89

    Nodspeed Panhard Rod

    Hi guys. I have a Nodspeed on car adjustable panhard rod, which I'm currently refurbishing. One of the poly bushes is missing the metal insert and the other is intact, but I cannot remove it. My question is can I just find a piece of metal pipe to the same dimensions and use that, and also is...
  17. stuartwood89

    [SOLD] K11 parcel shelf speakers

    Just the speakers themselves, not the shelf (unless you want a shelf with bodged holes). 4-pin connector and screws included. They work well, been using them for the last few months. Only selling as I've found a new shelf with the correctly cut holes, so these are surplus to requirements...
  18. stuartwood89

    Micra Wikipedia Page

    Hi guys. I was reading through the Nissan Micra Wikipedia page (boring day at work), and I noticed there are a few confusing and possibly incorrect bits in the K11 facelift section. Here's what the Wiki page says at the moment ...And here is a suggested edit (highlighted in red): I know...
  19. stuartwood89

    K11 Si Alloys

    Looking for a set of K11 Si alloy wheels. These ones to be precise: Searches on eBay and Gumtree seem to come up with nothing. Anyone in the club have some hidden away?
  20. stuartwood89

    For Sale - K11 Front Bumper and More!

    So my bedroom has become a parts bin over the last few months, and my other half is getting sick of tripping over bits of Micra. Thought someone would be interested, saves them going in the bin. 1) K11 small spoiler - Taken off a GX, was originally blue, but has been lovingly resprayed in...