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    Gearbox and clutch questions K10/K11

    Hi, I've tried a search and I'm finding conflicting answers! I have a Nissan Pao, which is a K10 Micra underneath. Engine has been swapped to a K11 CG13. Still running the MA10 5 speed manual box, using an early 160mm CG10 flywheel. New MA10 clutch kit IIRC. I've yet to have it apart...
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    Wanted - K10 steering rack mounts/bushes

    I'm converting my Nissan Pao to non-power steering and the rack I've bought hasn't got the mounts/bushes. Does anyone have anything lying around in their shed or garage?
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    Wanted - K11 CG engine mount

    Between me and the mechanic I'm using, we've lost part of an engine mount I'm needing for a CG13 swap into a Pao. I need the metal bit (welded to the car) for the driver's side engine mount for a K11 Micra/CG engine. Can anyone help please?
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    CG13/Ecu check.

    Hey all. I'm getting confused by looking at threads I've found through search, hoping someone can help clarify for me. I have a Nissan Pao (based on K10 Micra) that I'm fitting a CG13 engine to. Has come from a NATS car, I have most of the interior loom which has the ignition barrel/NATS bits...
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    Wanted - CG10 (early) flywheel

    Wanted - early CG10 flywheel (the one that matches the MA10/MA12) clutch/box. Anyone have anything?
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    K10 - Rear suspension bits

    I have a Nissan Pao, based on the K10 Micra. For some reason, they don't have quite the same rear suspension, with no Anti Roll Bar. I'm after the lower control arms + Anti Roll Bar from a K10 Micra. Anyone? Ideally near Sheffield... Cheers! (photo shows someone else's Pao with the K10...