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  1. ash d

    Micra track car build

    Yo guys. Been a while since i've managed to do any work on this project but finally made a little bit of progress. Got the Takata Harness fitted and also fitted the tow strap and big windscreen sticker. I've got some track time planned at Three sisters again this month, then Teeside next month...
  2. ash d

    Slight oil lick

    Shouldn't be leaking at all, probably needs a fresh washer on it
  3. ash d

    Scratched an itch I've had for years!

    Looks like a great buy and it hasn't turned pink which is a bonus!! My first one was a red prefacelift 1 litre, absolutely loved it
  4. ash d

    Induction kit K11 2002 Micra.

    Most of the kits you see for sale run behind the battery where there is absolutely no airflow. I made one myself and ran it the opposite way of everyone else to behind the drivers side headlight where there is slightly colder air, it would be even better if you made a cold air feed to go with...
  5. ash d

    Is a 17yr old K11 still worth it in 2019?

    My k11 is 23 years old and i've had it for 2 years now and the only thing i've had to replace is the brake pads and the heater resistor. They go forever if they've been well looked after and haven't been hit with the rust yet.
  6. ash d

    Black Diamond discs and Predator pads

    You'd probably see more benefit from upgrading to some vented brakes off an Almera or Sunny, the Micra discs are solid so they don't disperse heat very well.
  7. ash d

    hello first timer checking in

    Looks like a nice little runabout, always liked that Blue as well.
  8. ash d

    Introductions in Order

    The E30 bottle cap wheels would look awesome on a Micra and fitment should be pretty good as well
  9. ash d

    My K11 Micra

    Welcome to the forum, looks like a nice clean example
  10. ash d

    Introductions in Order

    Looks like you've got a good deal to be honest, the 1.4's hold their value a little bit better than most of the other models so £500 is quite good. Here's a little buyers guide video i did that might help you with some of the common problems that the Micra's have Also Fiesta wheel won't fit...
  11. ash d

    First timer !

    Best thing to do is probably take the cat out and get the measurements yourself, that way you can cut the flanges off and use them if you need to. The other option is you can get them ready made at
  12. ash d

    Try some motorsport in your Micra!

    Super useful thread, thanks for making it a sticky. Definitely going to get involved in some auto solo's didn't realise there were so many so close to me.
  13. ash d

    Micra track car build

    Found a couple of Photo's of the Micra from the track day at Three Sisters. As you can see it's still a little rolly, i think at some point i may try and get hold of some upgraded Whiteline anti roll bars but it's significantly better than the original setup. The BC coilovers were set on full...
  14. ash d

    Micra track car build

    Took the Micra out on track yesterday for the first time since fitting all of the handling mods and getting it set up properly. It did seriously well considering it's still on the stock 1.3 engine and standard brakes. Managed to get past 2 Octavia VRS's and actually started with a new BMW M5...
  15. ash d

    Micra track car build

    So i had a bit of a late night the other night modifying the MR2 seat rails to fit in the Micra, Luckily i had my friend Luke helping me as my welding isn't great. Took us about 4 hours but got there in the end. First one took a bit of figuring out but second one flew together once we knew what...
  16. ash d

    K11 lower.control arm bush replacement

    Mine needed doing for my last MOT and i did the same thing, saves a lot of time just replacing the complete arm as well.
  17. ash d

    LED - Sidelights

    They're pretty bright, i had the 10 led ones in before but they were too bright on my numberplate lights so replaced them with 6 led ones.
  18. ash d

    LED - Sidelights

    I've had these in mine for about a year
  19. ash d

    K11 lower.control arm bush replacement

    They are extremely tight to push in, if it looks like it won't physically fit then you've probably been given the wrong bush. I'd suggest getting the correct one, don't start cutting away at your control arm as it'll be hard to get it completely even without proper machining equipment and it'll...
  20. ash d

    Your Input about Clutches and Clutch change?

    I'd pay a little bit more for a half decent clutch, from my experience fitting cheap clutches usually results in you taking it apart again a few months down the line because the release bearing starts whining. They just never seem to last. Go with a brand you've heard of. Good news is they are...