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  1. Steve green

    Micra Group A Rally Car

    Hi Guys New to this forum but seen a few of your micra s and thought i would show you our rally car , i share it with a good friend and we both take turns in driving it Show the changes we have made and problems that we have had The car is a relatively well known in uk , was originally a...
  2. Steve green

    Please help

    On my micra rally car which is from holland orginally , my dials are in kph and it seems to work ok ish up the road but upon striping the car I saw that the speedo drive was not connected , and that there was another sensor ( like a abs sensor ) in the box , but this has a box fitted inline non...
  3. Steve green

    What's best head to modify

    Hi I'm new to the world of micras Currently have a micra rally car with cg13de engine which is around 125 at the flywheel But also have a cga3 engine which I am currently building I was wondering if the cga3 head as standard is simaliar to the cg13 head ? Ie port size , valve size etc If...