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    Micra K13 Front Brakes

    A mistake I made recently was not applying copper coat directly to the calliper before clipping the sliders on. They don't half make a noise, I thought something was seriously wrong!
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    Lower front arms

    My DIG-S does munch through suspension bushes, both ARB and lower arm, but not that quickly! Mine is now on 57k, and if I recall had the ARB bushes 3 times and probably the same amount with the lower arm bushes (just had the lower arm done again last week). The K13 is known for its apatite...
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    DIG-S Battery replacment (EFB)

    Probably worth updating this thread! Replacement purchased from Halfords.... they were cheaper than anywhere else for a good brand name unit. I also chose Halfords for the potential easier warranty claim if needed. I asked them about fitting/programming. They claim they never program a car...
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    DIG-S Battery replacment (EFB)

    The battery in my 2012 DIG-S Micra is starting to give up. Lasted a while and been showing signs for a while (throwing error codes if the battery is a little low on engine crank). I have just about got over the cost of the battery, however I am reading that some cars need replacment batteries...
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    Wing mirror cover

    oh, forgot to mention, the face lift wing mirror is identical to the non face lift... which was handy! The covers also swap over no problem.
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    Wing mirror cover

    Figured it out. A bit of leaverage and brute force get them out!
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    Wing mirror cover

    Some nice person has wiped out the drivers side door mirror on our K13. Got the replacment but I need to swap around the coloured covers. After about 30 minutes, I gave up! Anybody any ideas?
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    Suspension rattle / 2012 DIG-S

    Just to keep this thread up to date... the alternative ARB bushes seem to be working a treat. I don’t have the part number for them unfortunately but will see if I can get them next time I am at that dealer. MOT and service done this weekend. Suspension lower arm bushes are showing signs of...
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    How to enable/disable auto-door-locking?

    As far as I am aware, there is no auto lock feature on any K13 Micra. The feature is actully 'banned' as such under EU law which ensures that manuf's can g'tee that the doors would auto unlock in the event of an accident... which is very difficult to achive so its just easier to remove the...
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    Washer issues

    Behaviour is not correct. However I have seen this when front water jets/pips are blocked (often in winter). Try process of elimination. Disconnect the jet pipework from the jets to see if water will flow through them and try and work your way back. It could however be a blockage at the pump...
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    Dying K13 Auto

    To be honest, £500 for a brand new gear box fitted on a car well outside of the warranty window, and not being serviced in accordance to Nissan's schedule (12,500 miles or every 12 months, which ever comes first on a petrol these days) is getting away fairly lightly to be honest. I bet the...
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    Suspension rattle / 2012 DIG-S

    Myself and dealer have agreed that I will pay for parts (only £30... not worth trying to argue about and was about to replace them myself anyway!) and they will fit for free. Dealer has told me they will fit an alternative part which has been tried and tested by somebody else. I will try and...
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    Suspension rattle / 2012 DIG-S

    After getting a puncture on the passenger side, I decided to take a peak under the arches to see what was going on. At the time, I didn't twig but I believe the fault is the drop links again (the part between the ARB and the suspension damper) is goosed as I am able to twist it easily...
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    Suspension rattle / 2012 DIG-S

    Guess what....The noise is back, 10 months after the last ARB change was made! Cat is on 32k now. Getting rather annoyed at this now!
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    Suspension rattle / 2012 DIG-S

    Update... Sent it for a service to my dealer, discussed the problem and it turns out it was the drop links.... again! This is the 2nd time they have now been replaced and the car is only on 27k
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    Suspension rattle / 2012 DIG-S

    So, here we go again, another Micra, another suspension problem/annoyance. My wife's DIG-S 2012 Micra now has a, what I can only describe as a rattle rather than a clunk when she loads both sides of the suspension at the same time. I took it for a quick blast this evening and tested it. On a...
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    New Owner 2013 DIG-S Tekna (fuel consumption query)

    45ish is what we get from our DIG-S manual when the wife drives which is fairly gentle soon drops when I get behind the wheel mind!! Asda fuel for us. Driving like a granny does not always means best MPG, sometimes it can have a negative effect.
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    performance induction kit & exhaust for 1.2 dig-s

    'Induction kit' maybe difficult, seems as though there is a sensor in the air filter housing (possibly MAF?). You wont get any performance gain from it however, just ensure your paper one is clean and changed when needed!
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    Recall: ECM software

    Mine is a manual. It went in before, was expected to leave it for a day but they refused a curtsy car. I am fed up with that dealer anyway so said they either did it now or I take it to another one. 25 minutes later the key was back with me and I was on my way! CVT will be a different issue...
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    K13 Tekna 1.2 DIG-S first impressions

    The DIG-S is a really fun car. I love mine (well, correction, the wife's but 'borrow' it where I can). No, its not the fastest car on the road, but surprises a few people. Certainty makes my 1.2 DIG-T Qashqai feel like a lump of lard! You are right that the boost is limited to around 5/6psi...