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    Micra K11 front crossmember?

    I need to change this bit: Is it bolted on or welded on?
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    Rebuild kit for rear calipers

    Is there a rebuild kit for the rear calipers? Where can it be purchased?
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    Micra cutting out

    I get this strange cutting out on me 1.3 super s. If i cruise with trailing throttle its fine but if a floor it it starts cutting out and wont rev. I had something similar to this when the bloddy tape mod to remove the limiter went wrong but when that happened i couldnt even drive it it just...
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    Front negative camber

    What are the alternatives to buying camber bolts? I read something about using M8 top bolts and grinding the hole on the shocks and using stock bolts. I want to know how much to grind off to get lets say 1degree of camber and how much do M8 bolts give?
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    Double Cluster

    I once saw a topic on here of someone who fited another cluster cover to the side of the existing one but i cant find that topic. Could someone help me find it. I would like to see how he did it and how it looks because i wanna do this to mine and fit gauges in there :)
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    Handbrake doesnt work! Ideas?

    So next on the list is sorting out the handbrake. The lever feels like it isnt attached to anything but there are allready 2 extra nuts on the adjuster. Only when pulled all the way to the top there is a little movment of the spring thingy on the calipers (i had someone look under the car while...
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    Making a FWD car handle well!

    Basic Principle: Get the back end to turn (just enough), and the front end to grip. 1) Toss the front roll bar away. If you need more front roll stiffness, stiffen the springs. You want to avoid unweighting the inside front tire at all costs. Both because it will spin (assuming that you're...
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    SuperS from Slovenia

    SuperS from Slovenia....Dyno day!! Hi all! I bought this car 2 days ago from my friend (who is also a member here i think). Ill let the pic's do the talking :) Needs a new cv joint, rear drop links and tires for now. Oh and it is allready decat-ed and has a mushroom...