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  1. Jak Fuller

    Rear inside wheel off the ground!!

    Hi everyone! As some of you may know, me and Mikey (my K11) have been doing some autotests for a couple of years now. He's perfect and can pretty much beat anything from Westfield's to MX5's, except for one particular Mini Clubman, which is extremely flat around every corner! I think the reason...
  2. Jak Fuller

    Cold Air Feed with Almera Airbox

    Hi all! I am going to design a cold air feed for Mikey (my 1.0 K11) using a GA16 airbox I have ordered. I am going to make a duct from the fog light blank on the passenger side, cut through the inner arch liner and come from under the battery tray and join the airbox. I am going to design and...
  3. Jak Fuller

    Almera N15 Airbox

    Hi everyone! I have been looking for an Almera N15 airbox to fit to Mikey for a while, but I cannot find one anywhere! Everyone on Ebay who is breaking one has already sold it (guess I'm just too slow!) Does anyone on here have one they are willing to sell? I only need the airbox and lid as I am...
  4. Jak Fuller

    JAE 2018 Club Stand

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering when the tickets are available to book a place on the MSC stand for JAE, as it would be my first (big) event with Mikey. The public tickets are already being sold, so I'm not sure if I've missed out on club tickets or not. If anyone could let me know if I've...
  5. Jak Fuller

    induction kits???

    Hi all! After sorting out the handling of the Micra, it's time for a bit more power! I am looking to start with an induction kit and then get a sports cat and cat-back later. Then I'm looking at cams and a remap. However that's for another time. I'm looking for an induction kit that gives me the...
  6. Jak Fuller

    Blue exhaust smoke and engine rattle CG10????

    Hi all! My 2002 CG10 coil pack K11 has started to produce blue smoke from the exhaust and a mysterious engine rattle. The smoke is not too noticeable on startup, but when I accelerate, it makes quite a large cloud which lingers longer than condensation. It is light blue, not dark, if that makes...
  7. Jak Fuller

    Super S?

    Hi everybody! I have just seen on howmanyleft that only 58 super S' are actually on the UK roads with just over 100 SORN ! These are getting ridiculously rare now! I'm looking to get one for my first project road car, but now I've seen this, I think I'm gonna struggle!! Haha!! If you are...
  8. Jak Fuller

    More power from 1.0 Coilpack

    Hi everyone! I am planning on doing some upgrades to my CG10 to get a bit more power from her. AND BEFORE PEOPLE SAY IT, I cannot use a turbo/supercharger as my rally class does not allow it and I cannot use a 1.3 as I am part of the 1.0 class and do not want to change classes. I am looking at...
  9. Jak Fuller

    DX1 Century Green parts!!

    Hi everyone!! As you can tell from the title, I have a 2002 K11 in Century Green (DX1), and because it's such a rare colour, I can't find any parts in the right colour for her!! I can't afford to buy parts in one colour and have them resprayed properly, but I cant find parts in the right colour...
  10. Jak Fuller

    #MikeyTheMicra build!

    Hi!! I'm Jak and I'm 15 years old. I bought my 2002 K11 1.0 which has covered (prepare yourself!!) 154 thousand miles(!!!!) back in July 2016 and I absolutely love it! He has never missed a beat and since July I have done three autotests, a track day and a Trial. The only things I have had to...
  11. Jak Fuller

    INTERIOR FOR SALE Colour code K 2000-2002

    Hi all!!! I have a 2002 K11 1.0 that I am converting to a rally car. I have stripped the interior out and am now selling it on. It is in excellent condition and has been cleaned to the highest standard. Pictures are included. I live in Norfolk and unfortunately cannot deliver due to me being...
  12. Jak Fuller

    6Jx13 wheels???

    Hi. I am new to this so please forgive me!! I am looking for some 6jx13 wheels to fit my 2002 Nissan Micra K11 1.0. They have a 4x100 ET45 stud pattern. If anybody knows where i can get some cheap, please comment on this!! Thank you. Jak