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    I’ve changed my brake shoes - Does my reassembly look okay?

    When I put the parking brake on I can’t move the drum at all. When I put a pole against the brakes I can forcibly turn the drum but not too much. I drove it and it seemed to be braking fine. I adjusted the nut so that the drum would only just slip on and just about move freely. However it’s set...
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    Please need help mid job - how to remove abs cog off new rear wheel hub?

    I ordered a rear wheel bearing and it came in the hub but it has a cog on the inside of it that will not fit between the brake shoe springs etc. Have they sent me the wrong one or can I remove the cog? I tried hitting it with a flathead and a hammer to push it off but it wouldn’t budge and the...
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    About 2/3mm later of rust broke off the entire outer brake drum do I need to replace?

    I’m going to be replacing the brake shoes and one of the wheel hubs/bearings. However the entire outer edge is really rusted. I have broken off the loose rust which is a few mm. Does this matter really? I don’t really have the funds to replace the brake drums u less maybe if I could get them for...
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    I’m replacing the rear wheel bearing & changing the brake shoes - what torque wrench do I need to buy?

    I think the hub nut is 30mm? What size torque wrench do you think that I should get? Sorry I have never used a torque wrench before so this is new to me. Is this the only bolt that needs to be torqued properly in this process? For the wheels I usually just stand on the 4 way wheel wrench to...
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    Please can someone show me which rear wheel bearing kit to get? 99 plate inspiration no abs

    I’m trying to buy the cheapest one off the internet but I have seen a few that look pretty different? Thanks
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    My wheel bearing was making a noise for a while but has been silent for a while now - should I replace it?

    Before like 6 weeks ago the back left bearing was sometimes making a gentile winding/squeaking noise or I think that’s how I remember it. Anyway I haven’t noticed it in a while, should I still replace it or should I wait until I can hear it again? Maybe it was the wetter weather then idk.
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    My CV boot cover is off and the cv joint has been clicking - how much is this kind of repair going to cost?

    I’m guessing the cover slipped off and dumped the grease many months ago. For the last 4 months it has made a clicking noise when turning slowly full lock. I’m guessing this has done damage beyond just re greasing and covering again? Does anyone know how much a reasonably priced small garage...
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    Can anyone identify this grinding noise on start up?

    Recently this is the noise I sometimes get on ignition. Sometimes it’s fine, usually does it first thing in the morning but it seems pretty random. No other issues apart from my fan belt is often slipping a lot. I’m trying to work out if I should scrap it in 3 months when it’s MOT is due...
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    Does anyone know where I can buy a side light bulb connector online?

    Does anyone know where I can buy a side light bulb connector online? The part that the bulb plugs into and also the part that the bulb connector plugs into is really corroded. I’m wanting to cut one off and replace mine. I don’t want to go to a scrap yard because they all seem to be ran by con...
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    How much should I pay for distributor and cap?

    My distributor will only work if I put a heat gun on it for a few minutes. There was a crack on the cap which I dried and sealed but I think the damage had already been done inside
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    Problems with distributor when cold and damp (k11)

    I had noticed a crack on the cap where it bolts on when it wouldn’t start a few weeks ago. I dried it out with a heat gun and then I filled the crack with super steel weld compound. All was fine until this morning it wouldn’t start until I had the heat gun on it for 5 minutes. After work it...
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    Has anyone had any luck getting the inspiration sticker glue off?

    I’ve tried a heat gun and debit card & alcohol wipes. This stuff really doesn’t want to come off after 19 years. I need something that would act like a Brillo pad but a bit easier on the paint
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    Can I buy just the cage that screws onto headlight to hold the bulb in?

    Mine is missing for some reason and I don’t want to buy a new headlight. I could glue it down but I’d rather not. I wouldn’t even know what to type to search for online
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    Where can I buy a rubber/plastic cap to cover aerial hole? (Or cheap aerial replacement) (rear end aerial)

    My aerial looked awful so I removed it. Does anyone know if I can get some sort of rubber cap or seal for it? If that’s not possible, a cheap preferably discreet replacement? Cheers
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    My fuel gauge goes down slowly (100% not the gauge)

    The fuel originally went down to nearly empty no problem. I filled her to the brim and ever since then it has stays on full for quite a long time after refuelling. After what I speculate to be about 30% of the tank has been used the gauge starts to drop at what seems to be quite an accurate...
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    How do I access the wiper arm plastic bushings to swap them with good ones?

    My RH wiper blade squeaks pretty loud and even when raised. From googling around it sounds like it’s something to do with plastic bushings. Does anyone know of any images or guides that will be useful for getting to the bushing? Basically I want to take the good one off my mates scrap micra...
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    How do I access the rear water jet hose in the back end of the car?

    How do I access the rear water jet hose in the back end of the car? I cleaned out the shuttle valve and pulled back the carpet along the inside sill. When I pull the stalk I can see the liquid move through the clear tube, a second later it returns. I’m at the point where it goes under the...
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    How do I access the drive belts tensioner to replace the belt. Please help I need it for work tomorrow night.

    I have a 1999 1.3 micra inspiration. It has power steering and no AC. It was squealing on full lock so I thought I’d try changing the drive belt and alternator belt for the first time. I jacked it up, removed wheel arch trim & front RH side trim. I removed the alternator belt easily. Then when...
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    MOT is due: What should I pre check? Are any of these issues a fail? (pictured)

    So the first known issue is that a bearing has gone on the gearbox meaning it makes a bit of a noise most of the time however it's nothing really offensive. It hasn't gotten any worse in the 5k miles that I've driven it, it does't hinder performance. The second is rust, on it's last MOT it got...
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    How to make scratch & petrol marks look better? Cheap & basic if possible

    The 1st picture of of the worst scratch on the car. The 2nd picture is of petrol damage. I have used a clay bar etc on the petrol marks. Is it an option to get a touch up pen and go over these spots then buff it by hand somehow? (totally clueless) I don't really want to spend much money getting...