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  1. OystonIsGone

    Induction kit K11 2002 Micra.

    As you're all aware I am a complete novice, I have heard about fitting one of these. replacing the original intake box. What is the benefit of this and is this simple to do? Also is there a particular one people on here would recommend? Many thanks. Lee
  2. OystonIsGone

    K11 2002 Odometer

    Just an aside from my main Micra advice post, I am looking for anyone who knows how much (approx) to repair. The issue is the digital readout (Parts of numbers missing)only fully shows after it's been run for about an hour, then after it's parked up it distorts again. Thanks in advance!
  3. OystonIsGone

    Micra advice.

    Hi all, glad I found this forum. I have always rated Micras as a good car that runs forever. I have just been lucky enough to have been given the car in the pic. It's an 02 plate Micra Activ, just over 25200 it was on 24897 when I got her last month. (Jan2019). Just any general advice on how...