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  1. AH.K10

    Red for now rat

    My new project using parts from the old
  2. AH.K10

    13" wellers

    I have some 13" wellers for sale with new maxxis tyres. Wheels have the k10/k11 spigot rings installed. the paint is peeling away here and there on the wheels but wellers are known for this. Selling as i want 15"s £250 is the price. Pick up only from PE26 way. Thanks
  3. AH.K10

    wheels 15"

    I am looking to go for 15s on mine and was wondering if anyone has 15s? Tyre seizes? I was thinking Ronal turbo 15" 7j?
  4. AH.K10


    I have a 1.6 carb engine out of a 100nx i plan to put into my k10 using a k11 gear box, hubs, shafts ect. I know ill need to use an electric water pump to get the engine in the correct position. Any one think of any reason why this may not work?
  5. AH.K10

    K11 Micra for sale 1.3

    I am selling my 1.3 K11 micra as I have a new car and still have a k10 to play with. It had been a cat c before I had it and been repaired by hoopdub before I got her. I am in Cambridgeshire and viewing is welcome. Don't want to sell but I cant run 3 cars and can,t fit it in my garage. £700...
  6. AH.K10

    A Few Pics Of My K11

  7. AH.K10

    K10 face lift front bumper

    I am after a face lift k10 front bumper with metal reinforcer. thanks
  8. AH.K10

    Nice K10 on Ebay

    Just seen this k10! looks smart and low miles!!
  9. AH.K10

    1.8 Astra Coupe.

    Astra coupe 1.8 16valve. Stunning car and only selling as I got 3 cars and there is one of me. Can be found on eBay here - Will do a good deal if some one from here wants it. PM me any questions or via eBay.
  10. AH.K10

    Engine transplant?

    I have a cg13 engine to go into my k10 and was wondering if anyone has used the block and head from the cg13 and the rest like carb/ inlet and dizzy, alternator and wiring ect. ect. from the ma10?
  11. AH.K10


    I am looking at Drag nd Drift (DD) coilovers from ebay. Any one know anything about them, apart from being expensive??
  12. AH.K10

    CG13 started on the floor?!

    If this lot can start a cg13 on the floor using a water hose and some hand tools then i have hopes of getting on into my k10!
  13. AH.K10

    Rear arches

    I don't want to add arches to the car, i want to 'adjust' the bodywork on the car to fit my wheels. Any hits and tips for sorting them out? I need them out about an inch to two inch out i would say, maybe a tad more. Thanks, Ash
  14. AH.K10

    MA12 engine.

    I am after an MA12 engine complete block and head. Dont mind if its in bits just aslong as its all there! Thanks Ash
  15. AH.K10

    K10 cant get it to run correctly!

    I got another engine to use while i am rebuilding my other one. I have just installed it with a home made exhaust manifold (just manifold and not full system is installed) and lightened fly wheel and it will not idle. I have played with the idle and its only when i turn the idle screw almost...
  16. AH.K10

    Micra smoke after head change

    I have changed the head on my 1.0 micra running on bike carbs for the better 1.2 head but i am using a 1.0 reprofiled camshaft with all 1.0 parts. Now its running rough and there is lots of white smoke from the exhaust. The head had new valves i assumed are fitted and ground in correcty and all...
  17. AH.K10


    I am looking to lighten my flywheel but i have been told i need to give the whole bottom end which includes new clutch, crank, flywheel, bottom pully and all the bolts so they can balance the whole bottom end. Is this a bit much or can you just do the fly wheel alone? I am near Peterbrough...
  18. AH.K10

    corsa hubs?

    Hi i was wonderind if corsa front struts will fit a k10 and if corsa hubs will fit the steering rack? I am thinking of fitting a c16xe (1.6) from a corsa into my micra.
  19. AH.K10

    Free style micra k10 project

    Ok i thought it was a good time to get a k10 micra agian after having one as my first car. I have decided to mod the micra in the style i like and not stick to one style like rat or JDM. so here i go. weller wheels :) and lowered! Side bump strips removed. Numberplate...
  20. AH.K10

    My micra as it is now

    This is my little micra as it is now, all i have done it stripped rear out lowered by 30mm, new weller wheels and wind deflectors. What do you think?