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  1. SteveUK

    Outside temperature display

    Tekna K13.
  2. SteveUK

    K14 Modifications

    Hi. Do have a friend with a Brabus smat fortwo that uses the same Renault engine 0.9 turbo. But puts out 109 bhp as standard. He tried a tuning box but was underwhelming so got the ECU flash at a speciaist. Now has 135 bhp and has been reliable and no problems other than wheel spin in the...
  3. SteveUK

    Read fault codes Micra Dig-s

    Hi. Had the same issue in 2017 with my Dig-s only done 12000 miles at the time and full nissan service history. Had exactly the same symptoms MIL light on codes in ECU and no power as cam phase is out. The dealer changed the inlet cam hydraulic control solenoid this part was £400 plus labour...
  4. SteveUK

    Nissan Micra1.2 DiG-S Tekna 5dr 2014

    Hi. Yes on the drives window it has a two stage switch. Full Auto down on lite push for less opening. There is no auto up function. You have to hold untill closed. Hope this helps.
  5. SteveUK


    Hi If it was my car and I wanted to make the suspension more dynamic I would just fit some Eibach springs. Gives the car a slight lowered look and they are very progressive and dont make the car to uncomfortable. Coil over suspension is really only for track use its very unforgiving on...
  6. SteveUK

    Drl Micra k13 2016

    Hi. Nissan did a dealer fit DRL kit. I brought my kit from eBay and it has full instructions. The kit has led lights made by philips and is good quality. Had brackets that fit into the grill beside the Number plate. They are not L shaped flat. Not sure if it fits the facelifted models...
  7. SteveUK

    Lower front arms

    Hi we have two K13 micra in the family one has done 70,000 miles and is on original front arms. What is failing on your arms the ball joint or the bushes. Replacement each year definitely not normal are you using OE quality parts. Most parts have 12-24 month warranty so if they fail due to...
  8. SteveUK

    Outside temperature display

    If you have the hi line info dispay with eco meter and service reminder then you will have outside temp on tekna models. If you only have the small digital trip then you dont.
  9. SteveUK

    DIG-S Battery replacment (EFB)

    Hi. Any car with Auto Stop Start needs the new battery Registered in the BCM. Body control module. Some vehicles have a Battery module. This is because a new battery requires less aggressive charging than an old one. The batterys state of health is monitored over its life and the charge rate...
  10. SteveUK

    K13 Headlamp Delay.

    Hi New to the club. Found this by accident on my 2013 Tekna. And thought would share as useful in the dark months. With key out of ignition pull the headlamp main beam stalk and release. This activates the healamps for approx 30 seconds and lights your way home. You can lock the car and...