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    Breaking K12

    Still got bits for sale ???
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    Bumber Lips & Side Skirts

    hi all i too am searching for a replacement front splitter as my K12 came with accessories so if anyone can help please let me know
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    Body Kit for SX K12

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    Removing Gear Knob :/

    Hi all , Just in the process off trying to remove my gear knob for an aftermarket one, i have put some grips on the stock one and it just keeps spinning any ideas ??? Best Regards R
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    Body Kit for SX K12

    hahhahaahhah it is a silly language to say the least, but my partner will convert me eventually to Finnish :) (not joking either) hahahah ill have a scroll through your Blogs later this afternoon when it is quiet at work :) all the best Mika
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    Body Kit for SX K12

    Kittos Mika, but clearly i thought this was a forum for general discussion being new to the Micra scene & Forums/Blogs and now i realize this is not the case and instead i will just blog in future about my K12 and its progress. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
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    Body Kit for SX K12

    Hi There , My RHS Splitter has come off and i cant find it anywhere, can anyone advise me where i can get one or a set if i have too. Best regards R