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  1. preston357


    Cvt transmission oil pressure sensor . Looking for (high and low)
  2. preston357

    Engine swap

    Took off my CG 1.0 cvt and replace a CG 1.3 On the 1.0 CVT Transmission
  3. preston357

    My alternator

    My alternator wz changed and bought a new battery the connectors to the alternator were not corresponding so i got the rit one for the new alternator start up the car battery light on the dash stays on Can any1 help me with dis
  4. preston357

    About the ecu

    Hey guys can a k11 1.3 ecu work on a 1.0 k11?????
  5. preston357

    My ecu

    Hey guys have a problem with my ecu. Its not sending power to open the injectors. Can someone help me out please