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    Micra fault throttle body?

    Was driving along and my k11 temp was about half way and the engine cut out and would start again for about a hour I was kinda hesitating a couple of days before it changed plugs and leads was thinking maybe the throttle body airflow meter having a dry connection? Any ideas? Please excuse any...


    Hey y'all was just wondering how many people on here have Instagram was looking to follow some more people my user name is... surprise surprise... @IRNROO post your name bellow and ill follow :D my photos are mostly of cars and and stuff I think other would like :)

    Nissan march Super S.

    Got a this march couple of month ago and thought I'd better join the forum after lurking for the past year :D so anyway here she is! bog standard. and This is how she stands ATM my work place in the back round I great working in a motor factors cheap parts and discount performance parts :P ...

    Hello form central Scotland!

    Hello I'm Harry from Scotland recently acquire a march super S after hunting for about 3 months managed to pick this up for less than £300! everyone thought I was mental for selling a 54 top spec Astra coupe for this but I seen the potential :P going to work away a it, first thing on the...