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  1. tse_adam

    Car battery dead, can't open door!

    Hi I haven't driven my k12 for at least 2 months. Today I decided to take it out for a spin and got stuck at the very first hurdle. I pressed the unlock button on my fob but my car didn't respond at all. Nor did the keyless buttons work. The red light on my fob blink when I press it so I am...
  2. tse_adam

    K12 stereo gone...

    Today the oem stereo decided to die, refuse to turn on. What do you guys think it is? fuse? loose connection perhaps? :down:
  3. tse_adam

    JBL Bassbox for sale

    Here I have a mint condition JBL bassbox for sale. I believe it is 10 inch in size. Since it weighs a bit i am after collection around the birmingham area only. This can be posted if you can sort out the courier service. I am after £50 ono. PM me for more info.
  4. tse_adam

    Used Sony Ericsson K850i

    Used Sony Ericsson K850i *SOLD* I have for sale a used Sony Ericsson K850i for spare. The phone is in good cosmetic condition apart some slight scratches on the back. It is in good working condition apart from when you select the text function the warning 'operation fail' keeps popping up. It...
  5. tse_adam

    PS3 Call of Duty World at War Ends

    PS3 Call of Duty 5 *now £20 posted* I am selling this game with instruction booklet and case. It's in full working order and cosmetically perfect! I am looking for £20 posted. not one scratch...
  6. tse_adam

    Car door protector

    I am selling this pair of new door protectors with adhesive tape for £4 posted. It is a quality product from japan, it's small and discreet.
  7. tse_adam

    Random things FOR SALE...

    Hi guys :grinning: I used to have a website which sells little gadgets from Hong Kong, and I have the following stock left after the website closed down recently. So I am now just trying to get rid of them to raise funds for other ambitions. I forgot to point out the keyrings flash in tune with...
  8. tse_adam

    PS3 Gran Turismo 5 Prologue cheers guys. (Y)
  9. tse_adam

    Asus motherboard and BT voyager modem :blush:
  10. tse_adam

    PS3 game Need for Speed undercover (Y)
  11. tse_adam

    PS3 Unreal tournament 3 (Y) or £10 posted for members here :blush:
  12. tse_adam

    Wii console and Wii game for sale (Y)(Y)
  13. tse_adam

    Free TV...

    Yes it's true, it's free and you are welcome to pick it up at my birmingham home. I wouldn't describe it as modern but if you are just after a working TV then it's yours. I just bought a replacement so this has to go. This TV is about 15 years old, 29 inches, comes with speakers and remote...
  14. tse_adam

    Expensive 54k service

    I took my girlfriend's k12 to my local Formula 1 autocentre (i know don't grill me for it) for a service and MOT today, the final price of £359 came as a bit of shock considering it's only a micra. please tell me i haven't been ripped off even though they sounded quite genuine and knew what they...
  15. tse_adam

    K12 gone to girlfriend, now i got this....

    My girlfriend recently passed her driving test which creates a fantastic opportunity for me to buy one of these. Please excuse the picture quality and the car is not in the best condition as i have literally just got it back and it needs a full valet and a proper job in a local bodyshop...
  16. tse_adam

    Cleaning stainless steel exhaust

    My custom made stainless steel backbox and tip are turning from shiny chrome/silver to yellow/black. Are there any products out there that can remove the tough stain and make it shine again? I know there are some solutions out there can be used on silver jewelleries etc, is that the sort of...
  17. tse_adam

    which one would you go for?

    Basically something fast ish but not too heavy on petrol. Which one would you have out of this list?fwn I am leaning towards the Swift and civic 2.2 Diesel.
  18. tse_adam

    Need everyones help!

    Basically my grandmother bought this box of gold plated silver stamp looking thing :blush: back in the 80s costing £40 each. and she wish to sell it now but i have no idea what it is, what they are called, what they are for, how much it could fetch for or where to sell them. There are 25 of...
  19. tse_adam

    MPG for our K12s!

    I don't think this has been properly covered before but since the petrol prices have gone down substantially, my k12 1400cc has been really cheap to run and returning some amazing MPG despite of the age of my car (2003). What's your MPG like? fwn The last time i filled up after the fuel...
  20. tse_adam

    Pioneer CD headunit thanks for looking :upside: