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  1. BashRacing

    Rear ARB Droplink size

    M10 , Making some rose joints ?
  2. BashRacing

    Bash's Hillclimb car

    14 x 6.5 Magnesium Watanabes, these will have rainsport 3's fitted and be my wet weather set up.
  3. BashRacing

    Bash's Hillclimb car

    Adaptor plate made to take zrx1200r carbs
  4. BashRacing

    Wanted lowering kit

    postage would be around £20
  5. BashRacing

    Wanted lowering kit

    Collection is from Leeds
  6. BashRacing

    Wanted lowering kit

    I have some -40mm springs on koni damping adjustable shocks, the springs are a bit rusty but serviceable and the shocks are in good working order with all adjusters free £100 the lot if collected
  7. BashRacing

    micra k11 centre caps

    I have a good set from a 1993 car, they were off 13'' steels that I might sell
  8. BashRacing

    Bash's Hillclimb car

    End of the season now and mission accomplished with the car delivering a 69.72 on it's last outing. the car has run faultless all season, hopefully over the winter I will have time to get the big bore 1350cc motor in it and i'm considering a dog box to see if I can get near the class record.
  9. BashRacing

    Micra k11 Brake Upgrade Options

    Dragging this thread into 2018, Has anyone tried fitting evo rear 2pot alloy Brembos on the front of a k11
  10. BashRacing


    I have one you can have FOC if you can collect it
  11. BashRacing

    Primera / Almera GA16de Airbox

    Yeah no problem
  12. BashRacing

    Primera / Almera GA16de Airbox

    Almera N15 / Primera P10 Airbox GA16de £30 + £4 postage
  13. BashRacing

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    I think you can fit as long as you get the final connection and sign off done by someone gas registered
  14. BashRacing

    Forged Turbo Upgrades

    I've been considering a electric water pump for the power gains but don't like the extra worry of reliability, So I've thought about running a oversize water pump pulley to under drive the impeller, have you heard of anyone doing this before on a cg13 ?
  15. BashRacing

    Bash's Hillclimb car

    @J450n open length 20 inches closed length 15 inches
  16. BashRacing


    Where about are you Matey, I'm interested in the Super S front bumper
  17. BashRacing

    Bash's Hillclimb car

    I tried standard front and 20mm rear for a while with 325lb front springs but it was trashy and tended to understeer now with 22mm F & R ( rear is on hardest hole setting ) and the 180lb front springs it's far more nimble and roll stiffness is massively improved. It's a matter of suck it and...
  18. BashRacing

    Bash's Hillclimb car

    I'll have a measure up later Matey
  19. BashRacing

    Bash's Hillclimb car

    Well I better update this, the car had it's first official outing at Harewood Hillclimb on the 25th of March and performed very well managing an equivalent of a second in class 1 and finishing just 0.07 of a second behind the current record holder in a very rapid Nova. The car has had been...
  20. BashRacing

    1.0 to 1.3 or 1.4 engine swap?

    you will need to fit your 94 1.0 flywheel and clutch assembly to the 1.3 engine which limits power to around 100hp, or fit a later (98 on) 1.0 box and shafts and stick with the bigger 1.3 clutch