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  1. k11_998

    k10 wheel offsets

    hi have searched threads but couldnt find anything so i hope i am not asking an annoyingly repetative question, but my mate recently bought a 1.2 k10 5dr, for a trip to spain, and just before he went we tried to fit a set of 15 inch wheels from an astra, but they scrubbed really bad and prevent...
  2. k11_998

    K11 5dr shape and 3dr super s for 300

    i am selling my 1.0 shape and my 3dr super s, they are both white k11s, the shape has mot till febuary and tax till december, the super s unfortunately is a write of and has been sorn the 5dr shape has already had the super s seats fitted (although the rears need attention to secure them...
  3. k11_998

    super s being broken for parts

    probably not supposed to post this here but i say it on ebay and thought people might wanna know apoligies
  4. k11_998

    Has anyone heard of sonda subs

    impluse bought a 12in sub last night on ebay, only paid 25 quid including the postage so i aint to bothered if its not all that good, but it is made buy a company called sonda has anyone heard of them and are they any good, also what do you think about my install idea, i plan to cut out a...
  5. k11_998

    super s dials into non super s

    has anyone fitted super s dials to a non super s and if so what was involved in the tacho part, cheers
  6. k11_998

    sorry to everybody but super s's just got rarer

    i have just crashed my 93 super s, proper big stylee. i come of the road and hit a telphone pole, front end is completely shashed, but me and my girlfriend are fine, its ok tho, i still have my 1.0 shape, so i'm still mobile (thank god i'm lazy), may have some super s goodies up for sale soon...
  7. k11_998

    super turbo

    i have been thinking about getting a super turbo lately, to fully restor and maybe tweek, does anyone think its likely that i will find one, and any ideas on how hard it will be to restore, and how many parts are different from the other k10s also i think i remember hearing about some one on...
  8. k11_998

    Go karting january

    anybody up for some go karting twards the end of january, not sure where any ideas
  9. k11_998

    Spotted Eastbourne area

    Was driving around last night and i saw a blue later model K11 (think it was the first type to have the grills in the bonnet) in the hampden park area of eastbourne, i noticed that it had a set of 8 spoke alloys and the rear windows tinted. anyone here own it. also driving along seaside road i...
  10. k11_998

    what to do first

    i just qualified and as such got a subsatantial raise (first time in 3 years i wont be paid less than the minimum wage), so i will be able to do more stuff to the car, but i cant decide what to do first, i wanna use the car on the track and i have to use the car as a daily driver as my missus...
  11. k11_998

    MTX Jackhammer ubber sub

    i just seen a link to this on another site, you got to see this
  12. k11_998

    lost keys plz help

    totally understand if the editors delete this thread, but i have just lost the keys to my super s and have been trying to get into it for the last hour, with no success, has anyone ever broken in to a k11 before mine has no door cards on a the mo and i can see the lock barrel, the triangular...
  13. k11_998

    k11 specs

    was looking on parkers, and found this page, full of micra k11 specs
  14. k11_998

    driveshafts dying

    i have owned 2 micras now, i've bought both on about 85k, and in both by about 90k the nearside drive shaft has died, is this just me, i do drive them rather hard, but its an amazing coincedance. has anyone else had to replace driveshafts at around the 90k mark, or has anyone driven their car...
  15. k11_998

    crazy crazy crazy k10

    sorry to say this micra man, but i think i have found a k10 crazier than yours, although i have to admit its unlikely that it goes on the road, and it doesnt look as nice as yours, infact it doesnt look nice at all really, but then what do you expact with half a rover v8 sticking out of the...
  16. k11_998

    ebay micra bodykits

    alot of you will probably have seen this but there are three micra bodykits, similary to the kit that sr micra boy had on his pre-bbq sr, they have 3 days to go, but have buy nows for 295...
  17. k11_998

    fao j.a.kelly

    i was looking on ebay and found this pic, which reminded me of our msn convosation, thought you might wanna see it not sure what car it is, but the door cards are supposed to be carbon fibre, look good to me
  18. k11_998

    Rear Bumper On Ebay

    K12 Rear Bumper On Ebay, Only 9 Min To Go But Its Only Up To 20 Quid Sorry For The Very Short Notice
  19. k11_998

    possibly the nicest engine in the world

    just found these pictures and had to share them, there of the new bugatti veyron, check out the engine v16 (yes SIXTEEN) quad turbo, looks good enough on its own, but when you consider its over 1000bhp out of the box, can there be a better engine...
  20. k11_998

    arlington bangers 29th oct

    i was at arlington in hailsham yesterday watching banger racing, and when i got back to my car afterwards, i looked to my right and there was a black l plate super s, and i was just wondering if it belonged to anyone here also the banger racing was mental, the first race ended with the osr...