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  1. micra__k11

    Cherry bomb k11???

    Talked to a friend who had a k11 he said fitting a cherrybomb was a pain and took alot of cutting ect. Anyone got any photos of there set up so I can get a rough idea of what it should look like? Cheers!
  2. micra__k11

    Wanted - Catback

    Anyone got a catback exhaust system for sale?
  3. micra__k11

    sr micra eBay

    Found this on eBay if thought I'd put it out there
  4. micra__k11

    mk2 /3 golf coilovers on micra k11

    I've been told the mk2/3 golf coilovers fit straight on to a micra k11 can anyone confirm this or has anyone down it? thanks for any help guys
  5. micra__k11

    micra k11 centre caps

    anyone got some for sale:))
  6. micra__k11

    removing outer trim???

    Hello I've recently changed the door.. after fitting and closing I have realised that the 'new' doesn't line up with the old:,( so I'm going to attempt to remove the trim all together.. Has anyone got and tips for doing this as I've read the glue can be very tricky! Anyone got any photos of the...
  7. micra__k11

    fuel cap thread size please!!

    can anyone help?? or tell me how to measure it? thanks
  8. micra__k11

    A pillar tweeters

    Hello how do I remove the A pillar trim, I'm planning to change my tweeters. cheers
  9. micra__k11

    Fitting recaro seats

    hello anyone, I want to change my seats as my ones have rips in them and I thought I'd spend a little money and time putting some nice ones in. I'm wondering if it's possible to fit the new seats and still have the slider option. Could I take the slider frame off the old seats and bolt them on...