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  1. r-reg-sr

    preface ecu

    prefacelift ecu+ nats key+ nats loom £25 plus postage
  2. r-reg-sr

    custom steel wheels

    beautys for £100 pick up only
  3. r-reg-sr

    Rev dial clocks

    prefacelift. rev counter black clocks. good condition. £40 plus postage
  4. r-reg-sr

    wheel nuts

    Gt50 neo chrome steel wheel nuts £15 plus postage
  5. r-reg-sr

    wiper washer reservoir

    rare clear cap model £20 plus postage
  6. r-reg-sr


    the belcher air intake.solid build. paint it black £10 plus post
  7. r-reg-sr

    Almera break set up

    Almera 1.6 font discs and calipers+centralising washers one break pad missing so would need new pads. £50 plus postage.....cannot upload pics at the minute as site may be having problems here is from trusty photobrucket
  8. r-reg-sr

    march rear lights

    got a set of these for cheap £50 plus postage.
  9. r-reg-sr

    site crashing

    the site is constantly crashing on desk top
  10. r-reg-sr

    performance clutch

    good quality Helix AutoSport friction plate for 1.3 gear box £50 plus postage
  11. r-reg-sr

    prefacelift 1.3 gear box's

    2 X 1.3 engine gear box's £45 each. good condition no rattles no snakes :)
  12. r-reg-sr

    azzydot triumph tribute

    You done it azzy boy . While other running they mouth tributes from down south..They were trying to spoilt it, you yoused that opportunity to use their mouth as a toilet. ..Whilst others were trying to put you down, now they looking like some clowns. big up the azzy cat for that. 2.0 turbo with...
  13. r-reg-sr

    petrol flap and boot opening cable

  14. r-reg-sr

    back box

    japcan back box. £30 plus postage.
  15. r-reg-sr

    k11 preface fog lamps

    £30 plus postage
  16. r-reg-sr

    super s/sr bumpers

    fair condition. £80 front and rear. pick up or you can arrange courier. and a repair job £25.
  17. r-reg-sr

    k11 custom made grill

    customised grill. in primer .needs slight touch to finish off. The good looker saga. £25 .arrange courier yourself. or collect.
  18. r-reg-sr


    26-000 miles old. West london area. let me know if interested I'll pass you the contact number.
  19. r-reg-sr

    chikity check. before you wreck, thread

    making sure i haven't got this badly wrong.check me out if i done didly screwed it up. ratatatat@ Se@n front stabiliser bar bushes ebray special you fitted too? also flung in a ball joint as I say it's a chikety check before I get wrecked :) his neck.
  20. r-reg-sr

    K11 central locking/electric windows

    complete set . make windows go up and then down again. and the doors click click click until you've had enough of that. :)rest assured :)