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  1. J

    Bucket seat / Airbag

    Bit of help needed, I've got a new seat to stick in my k13 and obviously that will leave me with the airbag light on. So does anyone know how I test what size resister I'll need? I'm guessing 2.2ohm like other Nissans? Cheers
  2. J

    alloys wanted

    Hi looking for some alloys for my k13 i would like 16" 4x100 pcd with a centre bore of 60.1mm or bigger if anyone has anything pls let me know. Cheers!
  3. J

    New owner

    Hi everyone ive just picked up a DIG S and i must say WOW what suprisingly nippy little thing it is. Keeps pace quite well with a lot of other stuff. has anyone gone down the road of remaps with these? can it be done & is it worth it? ive got some lowering springs coming for it to see if i can...