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  1. Dougyledds

    After a K11

    Let me know what you have! Thanks
  2. Dougyledds

    K10 Wanted (pref white)

    You heard! Holla at me
  3. Dougyledds


    Hi all, Does anyone have experience with Hifly? Looking around they seem to be very similar to Nankangs just cheaper(ish) These are the ones i'm looking at buying Comparing them to £39 a corner for Nankangs with...
  4. Dougyledds

    Apexi N1 JASMA £100

    JDM zost! £100 Collection very much preferred Not really going to fit in with the plans that i have for the car :)
  5. Dougyledds

    K10 for CLEAN K11 swap?

    Cannot get on with the K10 and realised i am purely a K11 man.. Anything going? Thanks
  6. Dougyledds

    Show me your K10 spares :)

    Small K10 based thread to put up things you don't really want or have spare etc (Similar to the ebay finds maybe but more specific) Il start.. As i have not had my K10 for long i have a passenger side mirror blank possibly for sale :) ....
  7. Dougyledds

    After a few K10 parts

    Does anyone have: A gray parcel shelf Some seat winders Steering column plastic surround And possible a passenger side wind mirror :) Thanks
  8. Dougyledds


    AnyK11sforsale. OOPS!!
  9. Dougyledds


    This is a genine for sale ad as i have a new car to pick up soon so need this sold :) This is just a basic ad to get the message across Most of you know the specs but can go into detail for anyone thats interested I want a £1000 ono with wheels Thanks
  10. Dougyledds

    CG10-CG13 DIY

    I am really suprised there is not an in detail CG10 to CG13 conversion guide... (unless i have not found it) I know its real easy and ''just bolts in'' etc etc but i am curious to see pictures and something to follow would be cool :) Let me know if i have been looking in the wrong place using...
  11. Dougyledds

    Ninja advice!

    Lately i have been staring at the Katana that i have in my bedroom, ideally i want to now make it into a gear shifter.. Its only cheap and shouldnt be to hard to dismantle :D Anyone clever?
  12. Dougyledds

    PANDA K11 (Wanting to sell as whole)

    Keeping this brief as i have also advertised on the FB page After a suitable passat estate or similar for my family :) Asking around £800 ONO for the panda! Have a big spec list and plenty more on my blog page PM if interested Thanks
  13. Dougyledds


    Curious if there are any cheaper than new sets about? On an xmas budget here ;) Thanks
  14. Dougyledds

    F/S: CG13 Gearbox

    Item: CG13 Gearbox Location: Walsall Condition: Uses Reason for selling: Advertising for a mate Price: £70 ono CG13 gearbox for sale, done 96k I would put pictures up but im sure you have an idea, Box does not come with clutch
  15. Dougyledds

    WTD: K10 Topmounts

    A mate of mine needs some K10 topmounts that are un-seized, in the process of fitting polo coilovers Thanks
  16. Dougyledds

    K10 brothers!

    Me and a mate are doing a cg13 conversion into a K10 in the near future We have a k10 with a ma10 4speed manual in and we are converting it to cg13 and aiming on keeping the box and shafts. What drivers side mount will we need to get it sitting in the bay or is it a custom job? Thanks :)...
  17. Dougyledds

    Is the a Super S/SR front bumper fitting guide?

    Tried the search but nothing relates :)
  18. Dougyledds

    The Geeks! (Pc Gaming)

    Just putting out the interest to see if anyone plays WoW (World of Warcraft), quite a big stereotype but fun all the same :) So anyone play..?
  19. Dougyledds

    F/S: Front Tein 35mm Lowering Springs

    Item: Front Tein 35mm Lowering Springs Location: The spares box in my garage Condition: Used, basically new Reason for selling: Need some £££ Price: £35 Collected Front Tein 35mm lowering springs for sale Used for like a month £35 Collected
  20. Dougyledds

    Revise your dance moves for JAE!

    Found some material for you guys! i hope you take this in.. remember Leroy taught you the hard moves! Also just to keep the spirits flowing you should revise this ''Skankage in a field'' quite hard aswell :) Many thanks