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    Tailgate/Boot lock

    Just replaced the tailgate/boot push button as the old one had failed. £18 on flebay. Part number 25380AX60b. Micra is a K12 1.2 2010 petrol model. Easy job that took less than 20 min. Hope this helps. Ian
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    Radio Code please

    Please could some nice person supply me with a radio code BP7383 A 9259154 7 647383318 MMR#2CDG Info above from the back of radio. Had the car from new 2010 K12 and I can't believe that the dealer didn't supply me with the code. Checked all paper work. Apart from an O2 sensor and a broken...
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    K12 boot not unlocking

    Hello The 2010 K12 boot won't open when I try the boot switch. I've tested the electric joints and cables, oiled the lock checked the fuses. All seam ok. The one thing I did find was the boot popped when I took out and refitted the 10a interior light fuse (2nd red fuse from right on the fuse...
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    test failer

    4 year old Micra failed its test. N/S front and rear position lamps not working. O/S, N/S front suspention arm rubber bust needs replacing. question is what is my position lamp? and how hard is it to replace suspention arm bushes? many thanks Ian