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    Turbo engine build specs

    My friend and I are building charged micra builds - one will be a roots e45 and the other a gt17 turbo. Both will have around 7psi boost as the aim. The turbo might be turned up a bit for track days etc. In terms of build what would be the best base a cga or cge? I feel a cr of 9-1 would be a...
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    Cool on plug settings inc dwell time

    Hi does anyone know how the cga factory coil on plug is triggered - is it falling edge? Are the std ones dumb modules - anyone know the dwell time? If not, do any aftermarket ones fit easy where I will be able to get the manufacturer data? Eg MSD thanks Rob
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    Injectors available for cga supercharger

    Ok so a std Bosch one fits? Ace
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    Injectors available for cga supercharger

    Hi I need a set of injectors for the cga engine that will flow around 250cc - are there any cars that these might come from that would fit? Thanks Rob