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    Standard exhaust

    dont do it.... waste of time, save for a proper exhaust! you will gain torque and power....
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    I got some parts to make a full overhaul of rear suspension, 4 x trailing arms, swaybar links and rubbers, new sport shocks from Germany at 7 Eur a piece - micra dedicated, Weichers sport front bar that strnghtens the wishbone area, and sway bar links for the front. Also some rear boot...
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    Hi, how much for the: - turbo mani - turbo - intercooler and hoses? I want ot run a mild setup for GF... so up to 130hp or so.
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    Figaro shock options

    yep. A lot of parts are K10 - wishbones, rear brakes, whole engine bottom end, I think 1 or 2 engine mounts, cam belt, water pump, etc
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    Nistune ECU, Nismo etc FS

    Hi, is the turbo kit still available?? Are you open to offers?
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    MA10ET motor info - figaro myths?

    I start to belive that the main difference between MA10 and MA10ET in terms of internals is that pistons in N/A engine hve lower tolerances (meaning std. piston marked). MA10ET, being "high performance" probably has closer tolerances, thus different piston grades...
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    Figaro head?

    it seems that it fits just right!
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    MA10ET motor info - figaro myths?

    Yes, indeed frank. I think the ones we got here were the lower compression ones due to fuel quality those days. Still, it looks like all botom end is exactly the same (MA10et and MA10). If anybody knows if materials were different, or what could be the difference in oem part numbers I would be...
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    MA10ET motor info - figaro myths?

    The part numbers for e.g pistons are definitely different. The measurements seem OK. Maybe it's the material tof he OEM MA10ET pistons, that differes from MA10? Anybody has any advice or experience in this domain?
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    MA10ET motor info - figaro myths?

    After blowing up my fig motor I wanted to fix it - since one head stud broke inside the old block I had to source an MA10 block. I got luck and got a full shortblock from a K10. We opened up the engine and what a surprise - all internals in the MA10 are the same as in MA10ET! I was mostly...
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    Figaro - lovely, costly, and with blown motor

    My GF and I are officially in the Figaro vibe. As a present, it was something to take and thank for it as in all it is a great little funny thing, and pretty cool too. Long story short, I have a seized motor, which will need a rebore on 2 cylinders, or possibly a full rebore with overbore...
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    Gauging Interest: Nissan March Cabriolet K11

    could you post additional pictures?
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    Four way flashers not working

    same for me, check switch first
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    K13 supercharger onto a K11?

    any pics of your setup?? How did it drive with the m24??
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    K13 supercharger onto a K11?

    Is it possible to calculate possible hp output on a cg13 using that SC? I wonder what fueling problems would I encounter...? probably similar as in a turbo setup...?
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    K13 supercharger onto a K11?

    500cc per rotation? Impul kits have something like 730cc...but the price is higher and they are not available for k11 either... the worst part is I need to buy the sc first and see what can be done with that, so some gamble is involved...
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    K13 supercharger onto a K11?

    lol, yes, but maybe changing the sprocket/wheel could help that. The 1.2, k13 micra gets 98 hp, and goes right off the start, pretty driveable around town, and considering a light k11 that could be a nice setup, without too many issues... and those k13 sc's are not expensive..and keep in mind...
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    Roadmap to some performance on a Super S

    I am tempted to go Supercharger from a K13 - anybody considered this? I've started a new thread if you guys wanna chime in! Cheap, almost new SC available over here!!
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    K13 supercharger onto a K11?

    Did any of you lads think about the possibility to add a K13 SC to a CG engine? There are some relatively cheap ones, including a TB (probably would not be plug and play, of course), which make me think this would be a nice and cheap and trouble free set up. The SC would have to be inverted...
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    Roadmap to some performance on a Super S

    whoa, those are interesting to see. Quite getto, I like them. How was it without the IC? Did you have any mapping or something? On the other hand, a set of cams and a head skim isn't a bad option either: