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  1. Twincam-Alex

    Body localised spraying.

    Hi I'm now on to carrying out a few paint repairs. I bought a spray paint kit (5 years ago) in Tornado grey. The roof channels and the tailgate shut at the roof line required attention. Roof channel completed
  2. Twincam-Alex

    Festival of the Unexceptional 30th July 2022

    For cars made between 1967 & 1997. Especially for the standard and base models.
  3. Twincam-Alex

    Classic car shows

    Looking to the preservation of our Micras there are now Classic Car Shows that cater for cars made before 2000, which the K10 & K11 now come into this category. Previously these were pre 1960, 1970, & 1980. They are mainly static events but a good source of promoting up and coming classics...
  4. Twincam-Alex

    Inner sill repair

    Hi All My first post here. A family member 2002 k11 only 20000 miles from new started with a smallhole in o/s rear inner sill. After a tap round with the hammer this was the next result. Then cut out best I could. The final welded result. Looking through the holes you can see the boxing...