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  1. superls

    Engine/NATS info and an Hello

    Hi all. Not been around these parts for a long while. Maybe some of the older members will recognise me? Is Frank still around? Just spent 15 mins reading my old blog. Brings back some memories Anyway onlo my question. I am after some info on pre Nats cars. I want a cg13 engine and loom and...
  2. superls

    SR instrument cluster

    there is one for sale on ebay for anyone thats interested..
  3. superls

    Turbo advice

    Hi peeps need a bit of advice on a turbo as I have no experience. Got a fault with the turbo unit on my mrs's Astra cdti. It's making an awful screaming noise at off boost conditions. It's def the turbo cos if I open he wastegate it stops. However I have noticed a potential fault. Well I...
  4. superls

    Turbo ideas/help

    Hi All, i need a little help with a turbo/ need some new eyes on my idea to make sure im not being stupid and or going to blow my engine. the turbo i need help with is a renault derived 1.5 DCI engine, but probably the same for mose derv turbo's if i have the theory correct, the boost pipe...
  5. superls

    wood lathe

    Hi All, a very long shot on a car forum i know, but im after a wood work lathe, just wondering if anyone has got one there thinking of parting with, anything considered, plz get intouch cheers
  6. superls

    Where have all the 10's gone?

    Where have all the k10's gone too, a search on ebay distance nearestr first, first one is 35 miles away, hundreds of k13's though. last 10 for sale on here was May!
  7. superls


    Hello, this is a re-introduction to those that know me, and an introduction to those that dont. wow dont believe its been about 10 months since i last logged in. unfortunately i moved away from micras (well jap altogether) but im looking for a new project, k10's are still very close to my...
  8. superls

    Little problem i need help with

    Right then boys and girls, as you may know i advertised my SR this morning, so today i thought ID go outside and tidy the inside bla bla, you know the score. I also thought id fire it up to move it, got in key in turn key, engine half turned over, flat battery. Goes into the workshop gets...
  9. superls

    [SOLD] K11 1.3 SR 1996 Green

    Hi All, The time has come to sell the SR, some of you know it, most of you wont, but here goes. Its a dark green 1996 K11 1.3 SR, it has under 93k miles, its been well looked after, regularly serviced every 6 months (with the tax) Mot's till august Taxed till end of feb Its had all...
  10. superls

    few k11 things for sale

    few k11 bits for sale, will be updated when i find more bits super S / SR front driving lamps, the ones in the bumper, good used condition, no cracks, looking for £25 SR instrument cluster with rev counter, green dials, cant remember mileage but can easily be altered, good used condition...
  11. superls

    k11 performance brake upgrade

    almera 1.4 vented discs and calipers, came off the earlier almera so setup fits behind 13" wheels unlike the later 1.4/1.6 setup which doesnt, comes with mintex discs and mintex pads, covered around 5000 mile so plenty of life in them, no pics atm, but available on request. also comes with...
  12. superls

    k11 performance exhaust manifold

    my tubular performance manifold, performance similar to a 4 branch manifold, but still retains the first cat and O2 sensor, so still pass MOT, made from high quality 3-4mm steam fittings, can come with or without de-catted first cat. it is what it is, no cracks or leaks, nice...
  13. superls

    k11 2.5kg ally racing flywheel

    for sale my 2.5kg ish aluminium racing flywheel, not much to say about it really, its ally, its 2.5-6kg, its for a CG13, it was machined to give extra bite to stop the notorious slipping clutch at high power. its covered just over 9000 mile and still going strong, no vibrations or anything...
  14. superls

    ecu talk lcd display

    considering selling my ecu talk lcd display, its the green display one, perfect working order, open to sensible offers really, for info see below cheers
  15. superls

    Almera GTI Alloy Wheels For Sale

    so yeah, had my account de-activated for not paying renewal which i paid in april, just typical when ive got something to sell. for sale, 4 x almera gti wheels, all 4 very good condition recently undergone a refurb and re-finish in gloss white see this thread...
  16. superls

    couldn't resist

    i said to myself that once refurbed they were not going on the micra and i would wait till the GTIR was on the road, but got all excited and had a trial fitting, needs half more coil off the front and 1.5 off the back :) edit how do i make the picture show up???
  17. superls

    lowering springs

    anyone got any lowering springs going cheap? only 35mm ish saves me cutting my stock ones cheers
  18. superls

    HKS turbo manifold

    anyone got one? noddie im looking in your direction lol, if anyone has one or i think noddie had a jig? i need some measurements off it. i need the distance from the exhaust flange to the centre of the turbo flange, (i.e. how far away from the engine the turbo sits) i need the distance...
  19. superls

    13x7 capri wheels

    Hi all, if you havent seen my car sale thread then a potential change in circumstance means the SR might have to go :( im not breaking the car but have said that if someone wants the wheels than i will sell those seperate. the wheels are 80's classic Ford Capri wheels, 13x7 with stretch...
  20. superls

    Superls's K11 1.3 SR

    Just gauging interest for the minute, but a potential change in circumstance means the SR might have to go :( im sure alot of you know the car? but if not the blog is below. as she stands now. not a...