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    Doors for Micra K11 Celebration 2000

    I'm looking a doors for my Micra K11 Celebration (2000). I fount this door but I'm not sure if this will fit to my Micra. How to check if this door fits to my car?
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    Fuel efficiency

    Hi. I'm using Micra K11 + E10 (95). Now I see fuel usage and usually light warning show up about 310 miles. This mean I'm using about 40L of petrol for driving 310 miles. It's not too high? 40L = 8.8 gslons / 310 miles = 35.22mpg average petrol consumption. What I should check to fix this...
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    Door lock pop out

    One scumbag opened my car. How I can prevent this in the future? How to secure lock in door? Sent from my SM-F907B using Micra Sports Club mobile app
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    Indicators flash once

    I have noticed today issue with i dictators. My indicators flash once and stop flashing. Hazard lights working without problem. Previous issue which I fixed is tail light blowing fuse when lights are on (car radio have problem with earth so I disconnected it like has been before). And next step...
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    Brake light LED bulb

    Hi. Mine stop bulb has been burn out and this causing fuse blown. I'm wondering how to replace this bulb to LED BAY15D Could someone help me choose correct one?
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    Warning lights weird sound

    I have noticed weird sound when all electric devices are on (Lights, warning lights, radio, etc.) This noise is linked with warning lights frequency. Here's a video of this problem. Is this alternator causing this problem?
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    How to start changing Drive Belt?

    Hi all. I'm newbie with cars Micra is my first Car. Sorry for my bad English. I need replace Drive Belt or water pump because when I turning wheels then I heard loudly noise from that part. I make pictures of engine model (CG10) and Drive Belt (4PK725). So how to buy new Drive Belt for this...