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    Zero compression help!

    So head gasket went on my mate 1.4 turbo micra.. so changed the head gasket today (double) all timing spot on! Car won’t start.. checked compresson and bam zero across all 4 cylinders! Wtf could it be? Car was running this morning done every thing the same normally would on doing a micra head...
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    1.4t advice

    Where’s all my boosted boys at 😏 need some advice with the car.. runs fine drives fine seems VERY slow like very slow off boost!
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    Advice on a 1.4 with a td04 turbo set up!

    So today finally finished my 1l coil pack to a 1.4 coil pack on a 1l box. rebuilt engine with double head gasket with td04 turbo on a log manifold custom stainless turbo back exhaust 2.5” and fmic with custom solid pipe work. Running on waste gate pressure atm.. so seems very sluggish off...