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  1. NeX

    facelift wiring loom

    hey there, does anyone have a facelift loom that they can check a few things for me? thanks
  2. NeX

    I have a new job!

    Hi guys, Just wanted to brag as i am over the moon! from the 2nd of April i will be building these:
  3. NeX

    weird micra memorabilia

    hi all, has anyone got any weird micra memorabilia they want to share with the club? i will get some photos later, but i have all kinds of little badges and keyrings in the shape of a micra, micra models, etc anyone else collect this crap?
  4. NeX

    engine bush

    hi there, i am in need of a stiffer engine bush for my k11 i need the drivers side alloy mount with a stiffer bush, can anyone help me out? thanks!
  5. NeX

    dude balances k10 on his head!

  6. NeX

    weirdest stuff comes up on yahoo

    i was searching on Yahoo Japan and found a nissan march k11 folding bicycle!
  7. NeX

    insurance, always a hateful subject

    hi all, i want to talk about insurance, as when my car is finally complete it will be worth a lot of money with lots of custom parts on it etc, market value of the car will be next to nothing so i already know that even the slightest scratch would write off the car. i have this fear that...
  8. NeX

    Racing harnesses and boobs!

    yea i put boobs in the title so more people would read it....sue me. basically i am getting some 4 point racing harnesses for the micra, but then i got thinking about my gf in the passenger seat, when i last had a crash i remember how much the belt cut into me, it really really hurt, and it...
  9. NeX

    WTB: facelift ofside wing APO red

    hi all, i need an offside (drivers side RHD) wing for a facelift micra in APO dark metalic red mine has a big scratch in it, which would need filling and repainting so i just want to replace it. thanks!
  10. NeX

    JDM goodness

    this just arrived in the post today from Japan.
  11. NeX

    k11 steering lock, boot release handle

    hi all, i am after a few things for the k11, a boot release handle, (just the handle) and a steering lock, i don't need the key, just the lock around the steering collum thanks guys
  12. NeX

    gave the car collection an airing out

    got the cars out today, gave them all a drive, charged the batteries, topped them off with fuel, ran the engines, aired out the interiors, did some brake tests and generally tried to clean them up a bit. the winter and salt sea air is making this a very difficult battle to keep them nice.
  13. NeX

    my annual request for Postert sideskirts

    hi all, its that time again, i am still on the hunt for Postert sideskirts, the really rare ones. if anyone has them or knows of someone who has them please let me know. they look like this:
  14. NeX

    black k11 seatbelts with pretensioner

    hi all does anyone have k11 seatbelts with the pretensioners in (obviously not blown) both left and right side, in black? thanks
  15. NeX

    k11 facelift dials with RPM dial

    Hi all, just picked up a great little facelift k11 but it has no tacho, so i want one, anyone got one for sale? thanks
  16. NeX

    Wanted: micra k11 ECU connectors

    Hi all, if there is anyone scraping a car or anything like that, i would love it if you could grab me the ECU plug (with a few inches of wire attached) and if possible the ECU too, i am mainly looking for the square 98 ecus, but i think the connectors might actually be the same so it doesn't...
  17. NeX

    Debate, which car is safer??

    hi there, i got into a bit of a debate as to which car is safer, a volvo 940 or a 1992 k11 micra. now the volvo has no safety test record, no ABS, no airbags, and is rear wheel drive (not safe in the snow) the micra, has ABS, doesn't have airbags, has a safety test, and is front wheel drive...
  18. NeX

    This is what convinced me the Cabriolet was the car for me how could you not want one?
  19. NeX

    JDM tow hooks?

    these kind: are they legit? i am doing some modifications to my car which means ALL the towing points will either be inaccessible or removed entirely, so the best thing would have a screw in tow loop that can either go through the grill or the bumper. i saw lots of these kinds of tow...
  20. NeX

    Ending on ebay now!

    micra computer mouse, but i don't have the money for it