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    Standard exhaust

    hey sorry for the dumb question I'm still a micra noob but what's the standard exhaust size on a 1999 k11? Need to know as I'm going to make a side exit exhaust and need to know what size pipe to buy. Thanks
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    Cherry bombs

    So today I went to mot my micra and one of the things it failed on was a blown rear box. I would like to replace it with a cherry bomb but don't know what size to get. Has anyone got a cherry bomb on their micra who can tell me which size to get?
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    Front lips?

    Hey does anyone have a front lip on their k11? If so were did you get it from I would love one but cant find any
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    Valve cover torque specs?

    Hey i want to take my valve cover off my k11 to re paint it as its not looking its best. When i put the valve cover back on do i need to tighten it to a certain torque?
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    Cutting Springs

    Hey I want to lower my k11 micra but i have no money so i decided i wil take a chance and cut my springs, how many coils do you recomend cutting off? (I want my car to be slammed)