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  1. Gemma85

    THE JAE THREAD, the pics, the goss and of course the weather

    aw sounded fun, Did the Gazebo stay intact this year... did peoples tents stay on the ground? pics look good 2 :) and I hear Ed lived up to his usual standered
  2. Gemma85

    Celebrating 10 years of the MSC!

    wow 10 years, was a very useful site when I had a micra.. Glad to see its still going strong, hope everyones ok just dropping by to say hi to those of you I dont still speak 2. Gem x
  3. Gemma85

    My new car

    great family car neil haha
  4. Gemma85

    Failed my driving test today

    aww sorry to hear that martain... I passed on my 4th does that make u feel better lol x
  5. Gemma85

    richmicratwista's k11 blog

    haha cant believe u have my engine..after all that u should have just took it in the first place! nice 1 rich glad its in good hands!
  6. Gemma85

    £2,500 to spend. Which Micra would you buy?

    I wouldnt buy another micra... lol sorry i'd go to ibiza or buy a better car
  7. Gemma85


    aww gam sorry to hear about your accident glad everything's ok... I hate people who claim whiplash when there is nowt wrong with them my mate done it and got 2500 pretty gutting when there is an outstanding claim of 4 on my insurance for my crash :(
  8. Gemma85

    Scottish Meet 07!

    hey just popped in and seen this post ooo scottish meets...bad memorys haha have a good one guys x
  9. Gemma85

    My new car :D

    aww ems got her yellow micra woopeee x
  10. Gemma85

    christmas 06

    and helped me mock the crap out what he got me....haha bless him he is a typical bloke
  11. Gemma85

    christmas 06

    hey xmas wasnt to bad between my calls..yep worked it all but Iv got new year off so im looking forward to that 1 christmas was made special by seeing manda and ian haha! thanks for the wine guys it got drunk christmas day when i finished along with 3 other bottles I struggeled to...
  12. Gemma85

    The internet....

    lovin the space atm so much to do, mainsteam bands, unsigned, all over the country and my area so can keep up to date with gigs and record releases! , can also keep in touch with my friends on ... failing the telephone of course lol!
  13. Gemma85

    Whats everyones opinion on puntos?!

    there crap
  14. Gemma85

    what do you do all day?

    I work all day in and out the house on split shifts tending to the elderly, meet my mates for our dinner in yates most days, shop go to the gym, spend time with my bf and #### about on the net usually leave msn signed in all day and get countless messages from ppl thinking im ignoring...
  15. Gemma85

    Got my tints done

    y when your selling up ? :S
  16. Gemma85

    k11 bits for sale

    ..what u selling up 4 rich
  17. Gemma85

    Question about grill ok so maybe about 20 and yeh you fit them yourself hun or get a nice young man to do them for u :D
  18. Gemma85

    Question about grill

    they only cost about 15 squid lori
  19. Gemma85

    msn messenger problems

    im also having problems ppl are addin me to contact lists and i add them but it doesnt seem to be working...msn is just pants
  20. Gemma85

    Happy Birthday Ian

    happy birthday hunny sorry i couldnt make it tonight got a card here 4 u xxxx