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  1. imp124

    Found my old k10! Anyone on here??

    Hi, I haven't been on the msc for a number of years now (don't know if anyone remembers me) but I went to japfest 2 today (Sunday) and I had to double take as I saw my old k10 super s in the car park! Never expected to see it again! Just wondering if it was anyone's on here still, also it had a...
  2. imp124

    Nissan march Super Turbo

    Hi as its been discussed in other threads my march is unfortunately up for sale, ive loved this car for 2 years and has been absolutely amazeing and wicked fun :) Im only selling due to some recent family issues so. nows your chance to get an ST these come up every blue moon...
  3. imp124


    after some clutch poblems i took the ST down the road where coming back the turbo boost kicked in spools very quickly and goes way past 1 bar, where i quickly stopped. i do not have a boost controller attatched just the pipe from the nipple on the turbo exit to the actuator under the turbo...
  4. imp124

    Automatic wiring

    hi i have just converted my auto to a manual and i have a small problem: when i turn the ignition on the lights come on (battery etc) then try and start and nothing happens! its similar to what used to happen when i tried to start it in drive so i plugged the auto shift lever back in and no...
  5. imp124

    k10 starter motor

    As above in working condition
  6. imp124

    Dump valve questions...

    Hi When i rebuilt the ST the dumpvalve had sized itself shut so i took it apart to free it off which it now is. Now i have to set it up again as i had all the screws and spring out, there is the screw on the top which alters the pressure of the spring. When i rev it the piston moves and the...
  7. imp124

    Carburettor gaskets

    Hi if i remember right people have been having trouble getting the carb gaskets?
  8. imp124

    battery reloaction

    hi im thinking of relocating the battery to the boot area to free some room up front in the already cramped engine bay, i think Baz has done this? just wondering what tips people have and recommendations on doing this, especially with wiring and wire grades? Cheers Steve
  9. imp124

    Problems finding seals

    Hi Im still struggling to find drive shaft oil seals for the new manual transmission gearbox that im putting in the ST one of the seals on at the moment looks pretty gone with chunks missing etc, i have been to Nissan so many times they now know my name and still no luck, i have ordered seals...
  10. imp124

    St bonnet etc...

    Hi, reluctantly my ST bonnet has to go up for sale, i have no storage space for this for much longer! somone bought this off me a while back but never picked it up hence why im advertising it. There are some good K10 goodies also on his auctions...
  11. imp124

    K10 bits needed :)

    Hi im looking for: a k10 manual pedal box with all pedals etc k10 manual gearbox mount, (front by battery) Cheers Steve
  12. imp124

    Imp124's ST on the dyno :S

    Our local dyno was having a open day today with 1/2 price power runs so i thought why not? The place was packed even though it was pouring it down. Also i felt very odd as it was the only car that wasnt a vauxhall there (the place is a renound vauxhall specialist) but they (and me!) were all...
  13. imp124

    ST / MA12 radiator plug

    Hi just came to the ST today and found some coolant on the floor, had a quick look about and noticed the radiator drain plug was loose, so i tried to tighten it and as i touched it, the handle part fell off and the rest remained inplace, now i dont think i can get another so i might have to...
  14. imp124

    possible gearbox problem?

    Hi Just noticed something else not quite right which has just come on all of a sudden, when im driving and steer or turn left there is like a pulsing vibration in the foot pedals and slightly on the steeringwheel when driving straight or turning right no problems. But also when its in reverse...
  15. imp124

    Car Paint

    Hi does anyone know a company that can mix a car paint colour and put it in an aerosol can? Been looking and cant seem to find many? Cheers Steve
  16. imp124

    Anyone have august's edition of max power?

    Hi strange request i know but does anyone have this as apparently my car is mentioned in the modified nationals write up, i didnt have chance to get it this month and really want to know if it has really :P any help appreciated cheers Steve
  17. imp124

    MOT fail!

    Hi My ST failed its MOT today but only on emissions i have found the CO should be 3.50% max at idle but mine was 5.20% I gave the car a good run upto the MOT centre and they even tested it twice just to be sure, i cant see any intake leaks, the only things i can think of are the oxygen...
  18. imp124

    laguna splitter

    Hi long shot i know but does anyone have one as they go for silly money on the bay
  19. imp124

    K10 March passenger side rear light

    does anyone have one of these from an ST as some chav booted mine today and its smashed to pieces! a long shot i know cheers steve
  20. imp124

    Chavs do not like my car...

    Was out sunday driving today when i found a black saxo up my boot lid, i just carried on as normal until he tried to overtake when a car was coming the other way and he had to pull back in behind me, after that they then overtook on a hump bridge and pulled in at a bustop at the bottom and...