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    Drivers side facelift k11 headlight

    hi guys i realy could do with a drivers side headlight that doesnt turn into a reservoir every time it rains. ive sealed the one ive got but it just fills up again and steams up no matter what i do. i could do with this before the 18th as the motors due for its MOT cheers guys(Y)
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    JDM North west meet

    hi guys just stumbled across this meet on the AOC site im gona pop along to have a mooch any one else interested? date - 20th March time - 1pm location - behind krispie kremes near trafford centre - M41 7PP heres the clubs that are going so far original post on JDM site...
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    Cold start problem

    Hi guys I’ve got a cold start problem on my car which started when the weather started to turn:down:. When I come to start the car in the morning the engine will turn over but wont start. I will try it again giving by pressing the accelerator slightly it will then start for a couple of...
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    1.3 clocks

    hi guys the time has come for me to go up in the world from my 1.0 to a 1.3 however i dont like the 1.3 clocks with the green background do all 1.3 have these clocks? and is it possible to transplant a set from a 1.0 (without the rev counter and with a black background). if it is can the...
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    full version fo conzult software under £100

    hi ive recently got a nissan consult unit with cozult freeware im rearly impressed with it but i want the full version to analise the ECU in more detail and to play with the ECU can any one give me a copy and a user guide please. thanks
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    Wat is this part is it easily movable?

    Im looking at putting a strut brace on the car but i have found a potential problem what is this part is it easily moved and where is the best place to move it to as i think it will get in the way of the brace. thanks.
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    Janspeed 3" exhaust system what do i need?

    Hi guys im looking at adding a janspeed to the car but i am unsure what i need i know that i willl need a back box what else? and a rough figure of cost inc fitting cost? Thanks :grinning:
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    ECU Mapping kit and connector where can i buy one from?

    Hi Ive got a fault on the car a 1.0l t reg micra where it runs sweet when cold but when the engine warms i get kangarooing lag from the throttle and if i let the revs fall below 1000 the engine will cut out especialy if i brake. im looking for the diagnostic kit to check the ECU as the...
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    pillar guage pods easy to fit?

    does any one know weather a universal single pod will fit on a drivers door pillar easily. as i fancy a neat little rev counter their thx:laugh:
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    Martha the Micra

    hi guys had my car since feb just wanting to show the modifications that the previous owner has done and the ones that i have planned (or done). gona keep it subtle as it is my first car dont want to bump up my ridiculous insurancegrr! or attract too much attention from the law:p Enjoy! these...
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    manufacturers 5 spoke 14" Alloy

    Want a 5 spoke 14" (like the one shown) as a spare will pay a realistic price thx:grinning:
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    Seats and door cards

    Just bought a set of blue door cards and seats. I have the original door cards for a k11 going spare reasonabley good condition (see photos) no sensible offer refused. Via collects.(Y)
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    What type of bulbes behind heater console?

    hi guys curently in the process of ordering blue bulbs/ LEDs for the speedo and heater controls. but i need to know what type and size of bulbs/ LEDs I need for the heater controls and how many i will need.:confused:
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    Hello Micra World

    Hi There, Just got my first car Blue 99 Micra K11 1.0 Inspiration - which I love. Some minor mods already done - tasteful front and rear splitters and chrome pipe. Will post some more pics and info when I get chance. I could do with a decent standard 14 inch alloy 5 spoke if anyone...