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  1. Super S 1.5T

    K11 5door only

    hi all. been a decade since I've wrote in here. lol the oldies from early 2000 time still around on here?? I'm looking for only 5 door k11s, bodywork doesn't have to be mint but reasonable. any engine is fine, whether 1.0 or 1.3 as for price.....anything under 400 is suited. thank you in...
  2. Super S 1.5T

    k12 Not starting

    Hi peeps My friends K12 1.0e 03 plate has a Starting Issue. The keys open up the doors etc, turn the ignition on(all lights appear) but it doesn't turn over.. He has tried both keys but no joy, was working fine before, He thought it maybe the battery so put on some Jump Leads, No...
  3. Super S 1.5T

    Sparco Alloys

    I'm selling these Lightweight 15" Alloys that were on my K10 They would fit K11s too They are anthracite in middle with Shiny Red out Split Rim 2 Yokohama Tyres covered less than 50miles! 2 others were almost New tyres Bridgstones I have the special Nuts for these and a Locking...
  4. Super S 1.5T

    Dump Valves

    Hi all I've collected a few over time which now i don't need Forge Dumpvalve 40 quid Apexi dumpvalve(adjustable screw) 70 quid and a A non-make(like a Bailey(was on my Pulsar and sounded awesome) the spring is real tight too. 30 quid All in good working order cheers Umar
  5. Super S 1.5T

    K10 Super S Interior + Bodykit

    Hi I'm Selling a K10 Super S Bodykit in Black(arches etc) besides the Front and Rear bumpers. 70 Quid for these please Regards
  6. Super S 1.5T

    K10 3-Door

    Hi all I'm after a runner/non-runner Preferably in Black(which comes down to a Super or a Super S) so long as its a clean motor... i may take it PM me please Cheers Umar
  7. Super S 1.5T

    2009 updated list of k10 SS bits

    Hi I know some of you may have read this list before, but this is new thread , please ignore the previous one. I was tooo busy with things then, apologies to those who were interested in bits but i never replied etc. This time I will make sure everything goes through to the end, I will...
  8. Super S 1.5T

    Breaking My K10 Super S Turbo

    I'm selling the following bits for a k10. 15 quid Rear Anti Rollbar I have another Turbo Steering wheel 15 Quid Coilovers are now SOLD btw I also have many other bits i'm selling for a Super S, Just ask Umar
  9. Super S 1.5T

    look what i've founnd!!

    check these out, maybe a bargain for some of you Umar
  10. Super S 1.5T

    Cheap SR20de Engine + Box

    This item is now SOLD>> Admin.. please remove this Thread thanks
  11. Super S 1.5T

    Micra Super S For Sale

    Hi all need to sell this got too many cars.. lol anyone interested>> see link below cheers
  12. Super S 1.5T

    K10 Super S Steering Wheel

    Hi all just need this.. can anyone help? cheers Umar
  13. Super S 1.5T

    K10 Super Steering Wheel

    Hi all just need this.. can any1 help? cheers Umar
  14. Super S 1.5T

    *Red K10 Super S Breaking*

    I put the car through MOT and I'm now using this car as a local run around. sorry to peeps who have been interested in bits. will Mods block this thread off PLEASE. thanks
  15. Super S 1.5T

    Dirt Cheap K10

    Hi all been a while since i've posted in here and this is poss the first time i'm wanting something.. i'm after a freebie or a next to nothing cheap K10, i'm referring to a MOT failure, damaged, parts missing, just a shell even, Anyone in Yorkshire Area (preferably West side) cheers
  16. Super S 1.5T

    F.s Cheap P11

    Hi all I'm selling the above with 95k FSH Blue Saloon 1.6 P 1997 Mot'd til Jan 2008 Tax till 30/06/2007, Has been used daily, its drives spot on, had a recent Clutch fitted,tyres fitted. Body is not bad at all, everything works and is intact. ideal car for a run about or Conversion...
  17. Super S 1.5T

    Breaking K10 Super S

    Its come to the time to break the car! k10 Super S I've advertised it a few times and no-1 seems to be interested.... I have almost everything for the k10 Super S for sale aswell as additional parts (see LINK below) I'm going to list the few main parts for now and take it from there...
  18. Super S 1.5T

    F.s L-reg K10

    Reduced....£200 L-reg K10 Super S Hi all, been ages since i last wrote in here.hehe anyways.. I have an L-reg k10 Super S Rare L-93 Red colour Rebuilt High Comp 1.0 engine, 4 Spd Box All the usual Super S refinements It starts & drives. No Mot or Tax I'm wanting really...
  19. Super S 1.5T

    K10 SS bits to clear

    I have the following which i wanna get rid of : - note these are all from the Super S (so all Black bits) :) Doorcards Black Dash Dials Cover Carpet in good condition Interior Plastics (and only on the Super S) Sun visors Bodykit inc arches and rear bumper minus the front bumper...
  20. Super S 1.5T

    K10 on VROOM VROOM??

    any1 watch this ?? it comes on SKY1 its a car show, but a cheap skate one compared to top gear and 5th gear.LOL pathetic ways of reviewing a car. the best thing is the car challenges... Japan vs Germany vs UK UK always coming LAST they have diff challenges each time anyways they...