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    Throttlebodies - What is different on the facelifts to the pre-facelifts?

    Since it looks increasingly like I need a new TB, what are the differences between a FL and a pre-FL throttlebody? as far as I understand their is some differences that mean non compatbility and I would like to avoid that when taking a punt on eBay.
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    Quality throttlebody for a 1994 Pre-facelift N-CVT

    Hey all. I have been chasing ICV issues with my current eBay throttle body for the past few months and decided to call it a day and order a new unit. Has anyone got any links to actual quality units, something built in Japan like a Mikuni unit would be great, although please note I need the...
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    Idle control valve O-Ring?

    Curious if anyone knows if the o-ring on a CG10DE distributor throttlebody (1994 Pre-FaceLift) should be present, and if anyone has the exact size to hand?
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    Actually decent, new and quality throttlebodies for a N-CVT CG10DE 1994 PreFL K11?

    As per the title. Looking for a new unit, the one I have is from eBay with the very finest chinese sensors that I am sure it the cause of the intermittent high idle, and on/off engine braking problem I am having. Does anyone make something that is not worth more then the car, but does work...
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    Consult OBD1 Cable sources?

    Looking for a OBD 1 Nissan Consult cable. UK based. With or without the Consult software.
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    K11 CVT Hunting Idle coming to a halt

    Hey all. Got a 1994 Pre-FL N-CVT K11. I just had the TB replaced with one already refurbished, and I've run into a strange running issue. Coming to a slow from any speed such as 40mph, the CVT box disengages like normal under 15mph but the RPM will go (800-1500, 800-1500, 800-1500) before...
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    Hunting idle after replacement TB fitted.

    Hey all. Got a 1994 Pre-FL N-CVT K11. I just had the TB replaced with one already refurbished, and I've run into a strange running issue. Coming to a slow from any speed such as 40mph, the CVT box disengages like normal under 15mph but the RPM will go (800-1500, 800-1500, 800-1500) before...
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    K11 Throttlebody + NVCT + lead disconnected = okay?

    I have a new throttlebody on order for my 1994 Pre-FL K11. However to settle the randomly hunting idle down I am removing the lead which is located furthermost towards the drivers (right hand drive) wing facing towards the drivers windscreen. Doing so brings up the n-cvt light. I am...
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    Diagnostic Tool For 1994 K11?

    If I got one of these - What tool would I need to pull codes and diagnostics from my 1994 pre FL CG10DE K11?
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    High Idle that resets after ignition off/on. CG10DE Pre FL 1994.

    Hi all. I am chasing an issue where only when the engine is hot during a run, coming to a halt such as traffic lights, the idle will be noticeably higher, this also in turn reduces engine braking. Turning the ignition fully off and back on resets the idle to the normal level. My car uses ODB1...
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    1994 PreFL 1.0 CG10DE, looking for pointers for potential Powerflow exhaust.

    Hey all, pondering getting a Powerflow on my K11, what are the pitfalls or likely costs before I start really shopping at the dealers, sooner have people who have lived with them giving me pointers than a salesman.
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    Pre-Facelift Starter Motor part number?

    Hi all. My 1994 PreFL starter motor is on it's last legs requiring quite a few turns to actually engage and do it's job. I'm searching eBay for another used unit, but I want to be sure I am looking at the correct part and not one for a facelift version. Anyone able to help?
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    Oil/Dextron Smell with no signs of a leak...

    Hi. I swear this car is testing me recently. Anyways when coming up my hill there is a whiff of either oil or Dextron through the vents on the dashboard. I've parked over cardboard and come back to no leaks what so ever. The hoses are likely original and I can't see any leaks or splits, and...
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    Lower Steering Column U Joint replacement

    Hi all. I am really hoping someone here has had this. I own a '94 PreFL K11 1.0 CG10DE L Spec - with no airbags and no tilt on the steering column, the true base model :D anyways the lower U-joint on the column has about 2mm play (pos 1mm) which results in a knock on rough terrain when...
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    K11 intermittent high idle looking for help diagnosing

    Hi all. My 94 PreFL has a intermittent high idle, while not dangerous ( as in moving the car in D with no throttle input ) it is enough to have me concerned. I replaced the throttle body unit with a new one from eBay in July 2016 and have done close to 20k since with zero issues. Before I...
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    Throttle body alternatives CG10DE

    I have got a '94 with the CG10DE engine, the TB is possibly on the early stages of going, it's already been replaced once. What alternatives to the standard TB are their?
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    Adjustable Column in a non adjustable L spec Pre FL?

    Hi all. Got a knock from my steering column diagnosed and looking for a replacement column to reduce time off the road. Would one from a K11 with the lever to adjust height be retrofittable?
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    k11 Pre FL - Steering Column help

    Hi all. I could use a replacement steering column for a non-PS 94 1.0 L K11. The one currently fitted as a worn bearing, and I fancy getting another sourced and refurbished before taking the car off the road. If anyone has the part number or could help me source one ( based near Haslingden )...
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    k11 pre-fl strut top mount question

    Anyone had this done? got a rattle over rougher roads from drivers side + a knock when you turn the wheel and let go when stationary. Pondering if it's worth the time+money or ignores till it gets worse as right now it's minor. Getting to the end of my tether fixing this car.
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    Stereo change, which adapter?

    Hi all, would really like a stereo in my 94 Pre-Facelift which has USB mp3 functionality, been making do with an FM transmitter which has become seriously annoying cutting in and out when on rougher roads. From cursory reading online it seems to fit a single din modern stereo I shall require an...