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  1. Rangerallen

    F/S: F/s polo 6n front coilovers and nardi steering wheel

    Item: F/s polo 6n front coilovers and nardi steering wheel T2 turbo manifold Location: Coalville Condition: New coilovers used but great con nardi wheel Reason for selling: Not needed Price: Polo6n coilovers £50 ed nardi wheel £150 Polo 6ns are mint and the ed nardi wheel is in great con Also...
  2. Rangerallen

    K11 facelift f/s

    Selling the k11 soon as i need a van for work commitments so just wanted to see if theres any intrest sell it how it is so S reg 3 months mot and 6 months tax Its got 80,000 miles odd on it 1.0lt 16v Coilovers 13x7 ally cats Bucket seats Rear strut brace Sportex exhaust back box And...
  3. Rangerallen

    Nistune type 4 daughterboard

    Anyone got one for sale
  4. Rangerallen

    1.0lt 16v GT17 turbo build

    So its started then frank did this to me and so did my mate eden Have some bits and bobs turbo and mani and some small bits And il keep you posted Scott
  5. Rangerallen

    1.0l turbo gt17 build

    Well i went in frAnks turbo and loved it been looking for parts have a gt17 and a custom mani ordered but i need to know about some things ...... 1. Taping a oil feed 2.fueling 3. Ecu Can any one help me with these :) Thanks Scott
  6. Rangerallen

    Rollcages !!!

    Ive been looking in to these over the past few weeks anyway I got some prices of seamless cold steel 38mm with 2.5mm walls Any way 17mtrs of the stuff is £212 with delivery in 5.7 mtr lenghts i have a pipe bender So its a great price for a cage with front bars and door bars too Scott
  7. Rangerallen

    Horried elecy burning smell coming through the heater :/

    Any one know why this is smells like burning wires Scott
  8. Rangerallen

    Few bits

    Ajustable panhard rod If any one has one Scott
  9. Rangerallen

    F/S: Polo 6n front coilovers only

    Item: Polo 6n front coilovers only Location: Leicestershire Condition: Brand new Reason for selling: Not needed Price: £70ono Brand new dont need them as i have corsa b coilovers Pm me on here if you are in trested or text me on 07403 247363 Thanks Scott
  10. Rangerallen

    Leicestershire meet in the new year ?

    Anyone up for one as i think it would be cool to meet some guys off here ? Scott
  11. Rangerallen

    Lowering problem

    I have only lowered the car by about 30 mm on corsa b coilovers and i have a knocking on the passengers side any sit reps on this I have checked Any movement in the hub Wish bone but no play at all Only knocks when i hit little bumps Scott
  12. Rangerallen

    Panhard rod and coolant bottle

    Where are the best place to get these from ? Panhard rod more so the bottle A ajustable one tho Scott
  13. Rangerallen

    My first k11 but not my first car

    Its a micra k11 1999 S-reg And has 74000 miles on the clock Bought it for £550 And had tax and MOT And its a great car i love it ive had minis in the past but i love this And to start the modding Ally cats 13x7 fit nicely Coilovers came today front ones Waiting for the polo 6n...
  14. Rangerallen

    Heating not getting warm ?

    I woke up this morning for work de iced my car and ran it for about 10mins to clear the screen i drove to work about 20mins and when i got to work it was still blowing cold air out Any one know why ? Scott
  15. Rangerallen

    Best place ?

    I need a new coolant bottel as mine is really britle and has a hole in it when i put my thumb on it to open it :/ wheres the best place to get them from ? For a k11 1999 Thanks Scott
  16. Rangerallen

    Driving test tomorrow

    Got it tomorrow but the dsa are on strike but still have to go just incase then its on to pick up the micra :)
  17. Rangerallen

    Omp bolt in cage

    Whats they like ? Worth getting ? And are they easy to fit as when i put my cage in my mini it wasa bit of a bi**h lol Thanks Scott
  18. Rangerallen

    Right coilovers !!!

    Right i know this is a topic thats been covered but i have looked around the site and cant find a answer for what i want to know ..... What coilovers can i have on the front ? Corsa b's polo 6n ? And rear whats best anyway ? If any guys can help me with a list of what i needthen would be...
  19. Rangerallen

    New to this site

    Hi guys my names scott and ive just bought a k11 1.0l s and i would like to know some things about them and pick peoples brains about stuff :) Thanks Scott