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    Slipping Fanbelt - Warranty?

    Thanks for the replies. I can't do the job myself as i'm disabled. Although when i was younger and not disabled i used to do all servicing myself. So i should take it into the dealer to be adjusted? Cheers Paul
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    Slipping Fanbelt - Warranty?

    Hi, i've had my Micra 1.6 C+C now for 6 months, i've done 5000 miles, and the vehicle milage is 10200. The fan belt has just started squeeling below 1200rpm. Will my Warranty cover the repair of this? and should i be worried that it's started to squeel after only 10,000 miles? Also...
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    Micra c+c

    I've got an Essenza in 'Emotion Red'. Looks far better than the other colours. I wouldn't bother with the winstop unless you are travelling faster than 80 with the roof down - as you can't see with all the buffeting ;)
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    Radio 1 Big Weekend

    i got a pair of tickets for the Sunday, i live in the PR1 postcode. Also my Brother got tickets and he lives in the BB (Blackburn) postcode. I don't know anyone else who got tickets, but i do know all the tickets should have been given to residents of the area, not someone from the South.
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    Micra C+C mp3 upgrade?

    Hi all, I'm a bit new to the Micra. I have just bought a C+C 1.6 Essenza. it comes with a 6CD multichanger, my question is there an upgrade / patch lead to convert it to play mp3's? or i already have a FM modulator wired into my mini, is it easy to get to the aerial socket behind the dash...